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Thrillist’s Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want

Stumped for a gift for your guy that isn’t GTA4 or the latest 10-blade razor? Have no fear! The Frisky has teamed up with Thrillist to bring you the top guy stuff that doesn’t suck—like this book of cringe-worthy celebrity vinyl! You can thank us after your BF is done thanking you.

Books: Celebrity Vinyl
A case study in unintentional hilarity, this coffee-table hardcover chronicles 3+ decades of famous people who paid people to tell them they sang well. Highlights: a yellow-sweatshirted Scott Baio’s self-titled debut, the Fat Boys/Fridge Perry collab, 5 discs with Travolta in various states of undress, and Terry Bradshaw’s closing track “He’s The Man I’m Looking For” (Lynn Swann? Jimmy Johnson? Oh, the many men of Terry Bradshaw.). Check out some of the covers at MarkBattyPublisher.com and pick up the awful at Amazon.com. Keep reading »

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