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Vogue Editor Wears A Fishnet Body Stocking, Causing Us Concern

Vogue Nippon editor Anna Dello Russo channels a modest version of Lady Gaga in a lace body stocking. Why, oh why, must this be a thing? [Jak And Jill] Keep reading »

Why Do We Always Go For The Fat Comments?

When Fashion Indie posted the picture at left and asked for captions, our minds wandered in the Tim Burton direction, coming up with one cheesy “Nightmare Before Christmas” reference after the next. Not terribly original, we know. And perhaps that’s why we wouldn’t have won the contest … Or, maybe we wouldn’t have won because we didn’t call the girl in the picture fat like the caption contest winner did. Out of the dozens of entries, some of which were rather clever and adorable, “She Wasn’t Lying When She Said She Was Big Boned!” was the winner. Gross, guys. When it comes down to it, fat jokes are the easy — and nasty — way out. They allow you to peg your humor to an obvious physical characteristic instead of being clever about context or in any way original — um, and not to mention they’re cruel. So why are we still going for the fat jokes? Does anyone even find them funny? Keep reading »

Slideshow: Men’s Summer Fashion Trends We Hate

Guys might complain about some of the fashion trends we follow. This year’s gladiator sandals and last year’s voluminous baby doll dresses are two cases in point. They just don’t seem to get it. Well, with summer in full swing, we’ve started noticing some terrible trends that don’t even have a basis in fashion, from what we can tell. Who said mandals were hot? When is it ever a good idea for a guy to put on a transparent shirt? These are 10 of the worst “looks” guys could wear for summer. (In response to Asylum’s “Women’s Summer Fashion Trends We Hate”). Now will someone please buy Ed Westwick a longer pair of shorts? Keep reading »

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