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Tyra Banks Has No Business Discussing How Black Hair Affects Self-Esteem

Tyra tackled the issue of black women and girls hating their natural hair and examined the lengths they go to straighten it. I found it extremely sad that a six-year-old girl could hate herself so much at such a young age and has already figured out that she doesn’t fit the beauty ideal. I wonder if/when she’ll start hating her skin color, too. The idea that straight, silky hair is better than kinky hair is nothing new in the black community. In fact, Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” documentary examined it, too. Keep reading »

Men’s Magazines Prefer Black Models With Lighter Skin

Last week, Tyra Banks said she’s trying to expand the idea of what the fashion industry considers beautiful. According to her, black models with lighter skin are deemed more commercial, whereas darker-skinnned black models are considered more high fashion. We’ve noticed this phenomenon holds true when a woman’s “hotness” is being judged, too. Keep reading »

Tyra Banks Wants To Expand The Idea Of Beauty

Over the weekend, Tyra Banks took part in The New York Times‘ “Times Talks.” Besides demonstrating to the audience how to do a few of her 275 smiles, Tyra said she wakes up every day to “expand the idea of beauty,” which encompasses trying to change people’s views of what is beautiful. “In the high-fashion world, darker black skin is considered beautiful,” Tyra said. “But on the commercial side, you have girls like myself, Beyoncé, and Halle Berry, with light black skin. I make a point to have beautiful chocolate girls on ‘Top Model’ who are also girls next door.” But this isn’t entirely true. For the most part, black models tend to have lighter skin, whether they appear in advertisements (Beyonce, Selita Ebanks) or walk the runway (Arlenis Sosa, Chanel Iman). There aren’t many darker black women appearing in magazines these days. For years, Alek Wek represented on the pages of Vogue, on runways, and in ads for Clinique and other brands, but even her presence has dwindled. Tyra is trying her best to shift things, at least on “America’s Next Top Model.” Of the four remaining women in this season’s running, two (Teyona and Aminat) are black. While Tyra can’t change the world, she’s doing what she can through ANTM — even if the show’s winners tend not to make much of a mark on the modeling world after their season ends. [NYMag.com, Cutblog/Twitter] Keep reading »

An Ode To The Ugly Ducklings Of “America’s Next Top Model”

Ann Ward is by leaps and bounds the most awkward girl to appear on “America’s Next Top Model.” At 6’2″ she towered over the other already-tall contestants and she had a Vivien Lee-sized waist that caused controversy before Cycle 15 even started. Oh, and her personality. Ann is not just soft-spoken—when she speaks, it actually sounds like it hurts her to force out words—and she is shy to the millioneth degree. While Ann continuously blew the judge’s away with her photos over the course of the season, when it came to walking the runway she was like a baby giraffe to take its first steps. And when it came to shooting commercials, it was just hard to watch. See: her falling over and over again and breaking into tears during the roller skating commercial.

But now, SPOILER ALERT, Ann is no longer the season’s the freaky girl. She is America’s Next Top Model. She somehow managed to out-model her icy blonde competitor, Chelsey, and will get the most high fashion placement the show has offered this far—a spread in Vogue Italia as well as representation by an agency. Ann, of course, represents a familiar “Top Model” archetype—the ugly duckling Tyra hopes to turn into a swan. Let’s take a look back at Ann’s sisters in awkward. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Tyra Goes To Court

TyTy’s hair was a total “DO” as she left court after testifying against the man on trial for stalking her. [New York City, 4/29/09] Keep reading »

Quickies!: Mind Your Manners On Facebook

  • Watch Timmy and Alice’s bad Facebook behavior to learn what not to do. [Your Tango] — Totally hilarious!
  • Kate Moss caught a fungal infection in her toe from a New York nail salon. She’s on antibiotics, so she has to lay off the booze. [Dlisted] — Note to Kate: If you can afford a swanky salon, then avoid the skanky ones.
  • The lawyer defending Tyra Bank’s alleged stalker says Tyra is so “detested” she’d probably lose a jury trial. [Media Takeout] — He’s probably right.
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    Levi Johnston Is “Pretty Sure” Sarah Palin Knew He Was Doing Her Daughter

    Oh damn, Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin’s ex and baby daddy, is on The Tyra Show right now and he and his family are spillin’ the beans! TyTy, of course, wants to assure everyone that this is a legitimate interview — that Levi and his family are not being paid to appear. Duh, you know they picked Tyra to talk to over Oprah or Barbara Walters because Levi’s sister is probably a big fan. Above, Levi says he’s pretty sure that Sarah Palin knew he and Bristol were gettin’ it on, then assures Tyra that he and Bristol were having safe sex. Well, most of the time. Is it weird that I am oddly attracted to the cute dummy? Another clip, after the jump… Keep reading »

    Liveblogging “America’s Next Top Model”

    Don’t forget! Tonight at 8 pm EST, I’ll be liveblogging yet another episode of that hot mess masquerade they called “America’s Next Top Model.” I need Tyra to do something crazy, and soon. Or I need Mr. Jay to get bitchy with the girls. Everything has been far too nice so far this season. Oh, and will my beloved Cokey last another week? Let us pray! Keep reading »

    Liveblogging “America’s Next Top Model”

    Y’all, my DVR messed up and I missed last week’s episode! What did I miss? Oh, nothing? Wait, did I miss makeovers? Please tell me I didn’t miss makeovers! Anyhow, check back to this post at 8pm EST, as I dissect Mr. Jay’s latest hideous ensemble, question Ms. Jay’s sanity, and praise the Goddess Of Fierce aka TyTy. Keep reading »

    Star Couplings: A Top Model Melee!

  • Dude, see what happens when Tyra Banks tells a bunch of short chicks that they could be “America’s Next Top Model?” [Just Jared]
  • Robert Pattinson was overheard complaining that he can’t get laid in New York City. See, this is what happens when I don’t go out. [DListed]
  • Charlie Sheen’s wife Brooke Mueller popped out twin boys this weekend, named Max (another one?) and Bob. Just BOB. [DListed]
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