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Martha Stewart Is Still Waiting For Apple To Come Pick Up Her Broken iPad

What a normal person drops their iPad and the screen shatters, they yell curse words and haul their ass to a Genius Bar to beg for help. When Martha Stewart drops her iPad and the screen shatters, she Tweets about it and waits for Apple to come to her house to pick it up. And she waits. And she Tweets. And she waits. And she Tweets. And she waits… [Defamer]

Win This! “New Girl” Seasons 1 & 2 On DVD

Win This! “New Girl” Seasons 1 & 2 On DVD

Heyyyy Girl, whatcha doin? Oh … winning “New Girl” Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD? That’s what I thought.

To honor the quirky, Nick-lovin’ school teacher we all know as Jess Day (aka Zooey Deschanel), we’re tipping our hats to her brief period of unemployment in between teaching gigs AND giving you a chance to take home the first two seasons of the hit FOX show!

During her “funemployment,” Jess tried her hand at being a shot girl, a haunted house zombie, and best of all, her boobs “didn’t have to go to boob jail every day.” Keep reading »

Bills Clinton And Gates, Hangin’ Out, Takin’ Selfies

Bill Clinton and Bill Gates hanging out

Man, do I love a good Bill. Murray, Cosby, Clinton, Nye, Gates… I’ll take ‘em all. Bills are just the best! Here are two of them (Clinton and Gates, to be specific) captured in the form of a genuine @billclinton selfie. This looks just like a selfie my dad would take. Read: very blurry. Dads! They have a real hard time with phone cameras. Right, Chelsea? [Twitter]

How To Unfriend Someone On Facebook With Minimal Drama

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This weekend, I got dumped. Facebook friend dumped, that is. And I would not have even noticed that I was short one FB friend had the person not emailed me to explain why he was unfriending me.

Justin, as I’ll call him, is an old friend. There wasn’t any ill will between us (I swear!), so when I friended him on Facebook, I thought we’d get back in touch. He accepted my request.

But not for long.   Keep reading »

Would The Strange Genius Behind Burlington Coat Factory’s Fake Twitter Feed Please Step Forward

Burlington Coat Factory Strange Twitter

You’ll love it at The Factory. Burlington Coat Factory’s Twitter feed, that is. It’ has more than great coats; it has wacky one-liners (“The cat said stop in today and purrrrrchase a #coat), odd turns of phrase, (“Yes it is halfway to the week but since when.”) and tweets that seem to purposefully be missing words or employing incorrect punctuation (“Can you believe fall fashion is! “). Either it’s an understated Twitter parody or the retailer hired one special rainbow to mange their social media presence. OK, it’s fake. But I don’t really care. I am now following @BurlCoatFactory simply because I would like to be friends with the unicorn who belongs to this beautiful mind. Please identify yourself…whoever you are. [Jezebel]

Jaden Smith Needs To Hop Off Amanda Bynes’s Twitter Game

Jaden Smith Twitter

Jaden Smith is little more than a super-rich child actor with a famous family who has enough money and foolhardiness to encourage others to drop out of school once and for all so they can be just like him (i.e. all but incapable of differentiating “there” and “they’re”). But is he also Amanda Bynes? Not for anything — Amanda has been diagnosed mentally ill, which is clearly no laughing matter — but Jaden has been seriously biting Amanda’s Twitter flair while she’s in treatment. Same enthusiasm, same spotty frequency, same self-possession, same syntax, same loose grasp on the English language, same weird sense of ubiquity … it’s uncanny. Contrast and compare, and I’ll let you draw your own natural conclusion: Keep reading »

The 8 Most Inappropriately Sexual Responses Aaron Paul Gets On Twitter

First of all, if you don’t follow Aaron Paul on Twitter, you must. He’s lovely and he always live tweets new “Breaking Bad” episodes with the rest of us normals (sigh, only two left). His regular use of the social networking platform has earned him a respectable million plus followers who hang on his every word. One of my favorite things to do is to look at his Twitter responses and find the one person who always – ALWAYS — has something inappropriately sexual and random to say. Click on for some of my favorites.

Jaden Smith Encourages You And Yours To Drop Out Of School

Jaden Smith clapping

“School Is The Tool To Brainwash The Youth,” claimed Jaden Smith, 15-year-old child actor and Scientolo-spawn, during an unsubstantiated Twitter semi-tirade over the weekend. The irony! Unfortunately, Jaden failed to clarify whether or not the late New Village Leadership Academy, founded by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith on the basis of a curriculum developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, fell under this umbrella of baseless general opinion. The school shuttered earlier this year, reportedly due to fallout once parents discovered that they were paying $23,000 a year for their spoiled Hollywood kids to be, well, brainwashed. Perhaps Leah Remini could clear this one up for us? A more comprehensive take on Jaden’s wi$dom… Keep reading »

8 OMG Discoveries I’ve Made Thanks To Social Media

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Have you ever signed onto Facebook and scrolled through your newsfeed expecting mundane day-after-day status updates when BAM! You find out your co-worker who was formerly a he is now a she? Or you see an Instagram photo of your former arch-nemesis sorority sister who is pregnant by her best friend’s boyfriend. Mhmm.

Thanks to the wonderful world of social media, I’ve discovered some shocking things that I might not have learned otherwise, both good and bad. Here are eight real-life OMG moments that I’ve found out through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Keep reading »

13 Of Our Favorite #NSAPickupLines

NSA Pickup Lines

Leave it to the American public to turn invasion of privacy into satire. Since The Wall Street Journal  ran a story last week about how the NSA occasionally uses its eavesdropping power to spy on love interests (spycraft label: LOVEINT), #NSAPickupLines have been sweeping Twitter. Obviously, we had to roundup some of the best ones after the jump. The jokes are writing themselves, so if you think of anymore, please share them in the comments. Keep reading »

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