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Girl, Bye: 13 T-Shirts That Say It All

I know what you’re thinking: T-shirts with slogans or random phrases on them are juvenile, relics of your early college years that are best left in the past along with all those unframed posters and your dirty plastic bong. And you’re right! Mostly — there are exceptions. On days where I just don’t feel like talking, I would let these 13 tees speak for me.

Would You Wear A T-Shirt That Keeps You From Slouching?

As most people who spend 8+ hours a day hunched over a desk, my posture is more “14-year-old boy who just hit his growth spurt” than “confident 20-something woman with a healthy spine and functioning abdominal muscles.” As much as I try to remind myself to keep my chin up and shoulders back, I’m definitely not averse to getting a little help in the good posture department, especially when it comes in the form of a cute T0shirt. Luckily for me, a French company called UpCouture has created a shirt called the “Up T-Shirt” which claims to stop the wearer from slouching. Using high-strength (but allegedly comfortable) elastic bands sewn into organic cotton fabric, the Up T-Shirt gently pulls your shoulders back, which, the company says, “results in a higher and more appealing profile.” The posture boost will cost you — the shirt retails for almost $200 — but hey, it’s cheaper than a few months’ worth of chiropractor appointments. [Design Taxi]

For Graduates Of The World Wide Web

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Show your pride for your alma mater. After four years at Internet University you may have no foreseeable job prospects, but that’s OK, in fact it’s no different than if you had attended one of the Ivy Leagues. Be proud that you know how to use Tumblr, Twitter, HootSuite, Instagram, Spotify, etcetera like a mofo. That you know how to search for cute animal video and Google images with your eyes closed. That you have an in-depth understanding of hashtags and memes and search engine optimization. That you have a personal blog. Good for you!  You worked hard at mastering the Internet. You deserve a T-shirt. [$30, Etsy]

The Only Chavril Engagement T-Shirt You’ll Ever Need

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Lately I’ve been looking at my closet and feeling an overwhelming sense of “I have nothing to wear!” Luckily though, I just found the magical garment that will instantly fill the gaping void in my wardrobe: a Chavril engagement T-shirt, which celebrates the upcoming Canadian royal wedding of ChAvril LaKroeger, aka Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger. As the model illustrates, it goes perfectly with a heavy smear of black eyeliner and a punk rock attitude. Yep, this is definitely my new fall uniform. [$25, The Chavril Boutique]

Just Your Type (Of T-Shirt)

Is this T-shirt simple? Yes. Straight to the point? Definitely. Delightfully specific? Of course. Curiously poetic? You betcha. Last question: Would you wear it? Us: resounding yes!

[$22.00 Etsy]

Wolf & Harrison’s Summer T-Shirt Deal

Every year, as summer begins, we always clean out our T-shirt drawer, relegating the pit- and food-stained, threadbare numbers to the rag bin. Then the fun starts, as we stock up on new T’s to get us through the warm months. Sure, we mostly go for plain styles that are are easily paired with shorts and jeans, but we also always grab a few that have something special about them. For example, these horse and wolf etched V-necks from Wolf & Harrison. We liked them so much, we finagled a bit of a deal for ourselves — and you! Frisky readers can enter FRISKYSUMMER at checkout and get 35 percent off W&H’s T-shirts. Now that’s something to howl about.

[$40.00 Wolf & Harrison]
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