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Asshole Drives 15 Hours To Murder His Girlfriend’s Family On Christmas Morning

So! How was your holiday family get-together? Was it awkward? Probably! But on the upside, your crazy-ass boyfriend probably didn’t drive 15 hours in order to murder your family. So there’s that!

This Christmas Eve, 23 year-old Preston Pollard spent 15 hours driving from Texas to Florida to see his 18 year-old girlfriend,…

Robyn Pennacchia / December 29, 2014

Filomena “Phyllis” Tobias: What You Need To Know About The Crazy Miami Heat Fan Who Flipped Off Joakim Noah

Did you guys see this crazy picture of rabid Miami Heat fan Filomena “Phyllis” Tobias flipping off Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah? It’s pretty crazy, right? Well not nearly as crazy as Phyllis’s back story. See, in 2008, she was accused of murdering her husband.

Julie Gerstein / May 10, 2013

Details Emerge About The Horrors Faced By The 3 Cleveland Women Rescued A Decade After They Went Missing

Yesterday, we showed you two amazing interviews with Charles Ramsey, the man credited with helping to save three women (who had disappeared a decade earlier) from his neighbor’s home. The unguarded and inadvertently hilarious interviews with Ramsey — who absolutely exemplifies why if you see something, you should say something — has somewhat distracted from the very…

Amelia McDonell-Parry / May 8, 2013

Worst Mom Of The Week: Woman Slits Dog’s Throat For Sniffing Her Daughter’s Crotch

Hawaii’s Andrea Flegle was perturbed by the fact that the puppy she’d purchased for her daughter kept trying to sniff her daughter’s crotch. Not bothering to use common sense, or understand animals, or realize that this is basically a Thing That Dogs Do, Flegle did the only logical thing in her mind and slit the

Julie Gerstein / May 7, 2013