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Remote Control: “Weeds,” “I’m A Celebrity,” “Top Chef Masters,” And “True Blood”

Back in the day, summer television was all repeats and the only reason to watch was to finally see that episode of “Melrose Place” your VCR messed up recording. Luckily, the dark ages are over and summer nights are now filled with good shows. Okay, so it may not classify as “good,” but “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” has your back Mondays through Thursdays. Meanwhile, two of our favorite shows, “Weeds” and “True Blood” are both starting up this week. And you’ll want to catch the premiere of “Top Chef Masters,” which is kind of like regular “Top Chef” mixed with “Iron Chef.” After the jump, your television sked for the week. Keep reading »

The Sexiest Shows On Television

Soft-core porn used to be reserved for pay-per-view channels like Skin-imax, but now it’s all over the boob tube! And it’s not Lifetime movie-esque storylines with wives in floral print dresses waiting for their husbands to feel them up so, so gently you can hardly tell what they’re doing is a sex act. Lucky for me and all you pervs out there, TV has gotten so meaty. Yeah, baby, we like it raw! Here are the top shows to watch, if you want to see some gratuitous soft-core sex scenes… Keep reading »

The Last 31 Days of 2008: Read A Book Series

The entire Frisky office is presently working on the “Twilight” series because we’re trying to escape the holidays (if only for a few hours a week) and we love sexy, beautiful men, even if they’re imaginary. I’m also planning on reading the Sookie Stackhouse books now that the first season of “True Blood” is done. I didn’t want to spoil the TV series for myself, so now that I know the plot of the first book, “Dead Until Dawn,” I can’t wait to actually read it and the rest of the series in preparation for season two. If you’re not interested in these vampire series, then now is the perfect time to reread the Shopaholic series because the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic” premieres early next year. Other great series’ to consider? All of Augusten Burrough’s memoirs, the “Dexter” book series (on which the TV series is based), and, yeah, Harry Potter.

See all the ways to make the most of the last 31 days of 2008 here. Keep reading »

The Top 10 Male Nude Scenes of 2008

Nudity expert Mr. Skin complied a list of celebrity ladies who took it all off in the name of their art this past year. From Angelina Jolie to Mena Suvari, there were some choice bare babes, but 2008 didn’t slight the men either. There was a whole lot of manhood captured for movies and even network television. Thanks to these hotties, 2008 will be remembered as the year of nude dudes! In honor of these studs, we’ve put together a list of guys who flash more than their smiles at the cameras. Here’s looking at you, boys!

Keep reading »

Liveblogging The Season Finale Of “True Blood”

Oh lordy you guys. Is it Sunday? Yes! That means we have only 30 minutes before the season finale of “True Blood” airs. I’m super excited to find out if the killer is really Rene, if Sookie truly chooses Sam over Bill, and who in the hell that naked lady in the middle of the road was. Also, just to warn you, but I pulled an all nighter in Atlantic City this weekend and just finished watching “The Notebook” a few minutes ago, so my mind is a little loopy and my emotions are kind of raw — this could be the weirdest liveblog ever. Keep reading »

The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For November 22nd-23rd 2008

The best thing on TV this weekend is our very own Amelia, who will dish on the “15 Infamous Child Star Mugshots” on E!. As Amelia puts it, “Tracey Gold gets owned.” E! will re-air this special on Saturday and Sunday; see the schedule after the jump. Also don’t forget Amelia will liveblog the “True Blood” season finale on Sunday at 9 pm. What am I going to do without my Bill? Keep reading »

Liveblogging “True Blood”!

This week’s “True Blood” liveblog is a little different because instead of Amelia, I’m filling in with my take on our favorite vampire series. Check back at 9pm EST when the show starts on HBO! Keep reading »

Liveblogging “True Blood”!

Who’s ready for another episode of “True Blood”? Me! Me! Me! Will Bill get in big trouble with the vampire council? And more importantly, will he get to hump Sookie before he maybe gets sent to the blood sucker big house? God. I hope so. Keep reading »

The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For November 8-9th 2008

There are two marathons for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on this weekend, so there is no excuse for you not to be in the know about the drama and conspicuous consumption. But if McMansions, just-for-the-hell-of-it shopping sprees and gossip aren’t your shtick, then there’s plenty of other stuff to watch. And guess what? All of it isn’t mindless TV. Oh, and don’t forget — Amelia will be liveblogging “True Blood” again on Sunday at 9pm EST! Keep reading »

Liveblogging “True Blood”!

9:14 For the record, I am pretty sure I have the demon inside me, and his name is Mr. Wine.

9:01 Wheeeeee, it’s time!
9:02 For the record, I am eating a turkey sandwich. Also, I just love how bloooooody this show is. Well, that may have been a little much for me, considering how much mustard is on my sandwich.
9:04 This show has an awesome opening sequence. I feel like there’s so much to notice.
9:06 I get why blood would taste better warm, I guess, instead of on ice.
9:08 Jason is a disaster. And I love that Amy is still all “mellow out” despite kidnapping a vampire.
9:09 There’s vampire in yo’ cleavage. Are all vampires bisexual? I think so.
9:11 Eww, I bet vamp blood is salty. Is V the new E? I think so. Jason is sooooo weak willed.
9:14 For the record, I am pretty sure I have the demon inside me, and his name is Mr. Wine.
9:15 Sookie and Bill need to celebrate being alive by having sex now. Instead, Jason is having sex again. Ever since I found out he’s Australian in real life, he’s more attractive. His sex scenes are RAUNCHY though.
9:17 OH NO! The cat died! Anna Paquin kind of has bad skin.
9:20 Jason is kind of Matthew McConaughey-esque. Eww, hello Gwyneth Paltrow, Amy is a raw foodist. Gag. I think she’s probs going to die.
9:24 Who has the worst Southern accent on this show? I vote for Tara or Sookie.
9:26 Oh Tara and her emotional detachment.
9:28 Rene is the hottest under-appreciated guy on this show. Jason reminds me of those straight edge guys who don’t eat meat, but like to beat up on homeless people.
9:31 Color me officially tired of Jason getting more naked screen time than Bill. Ugh.
9:33 Amy reminds me of an interesting conundrum — is it better to be too good for the person you’re with, or have them be too good for you?
9:35 For example, nothing Sam does will make him good enough for me to like him.
9:37 I cannot believe Bill plays Wii.
9:39 Poor gay vamp.
9:41 Hello, are Sookie and Bill going to get it on before Bill goes away?! Hahaha, the vamps are flyering. Awesome.
9:44 I’m sorry, but how is weak ass Sam supposed to protect Sookie?
9:47 Ooooooh, Amy is more dangerous than a vamp? Could she be the killer?! Also, I am 99% sure I can do a better Southern accent than Tara. And Sookie. And Anna Paquin has an Oscar so that’s saying a lot.
9:49 This is shallow, but thing that bugs me most about Sam is his hair. His hair is stupid and so is his facial scruff. Ack! Sookie just told Amy she’s staying at Bill’s because no one will go looking for her there. Amy is the effing killer, I just know it. Okay maybe I’m wrong. Whatever.
9:52 SAM IS THE DOG! SAM IS THE DOG! Maybe? How is that possible? Sometimes him and the dog are together. Wait, maybe the dog is his little messenger, like one of those pigeons from World War I or II. But wait, the dog won’t look at her in her panties — must be lame old Sam. Ugh, this is so confusing.
9:54 Okay, Dean the Dog is obvi Sam. But why do Sam’s clothes disappear when he shapeshifts back? And I still don’t understand how Sam and the dog have coexisted in the same space. There have been one or two scenes in previous episodes where the two of them were together. EXPLAIN IT TO ME WRITERS! Also, explain to me why I got no naked Sookie/Bill sex this episode. I am going to bed unsatisfied.

Until next time. For the record, there are three episodes left this season.

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