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The Latest Trend You’ll Love To Hate: Tron Leggings

What are “Tron leggings,” you ask? According to Trend de la Creme, it’s a new style in body-skimming pants that (perhaps inadvertently) mimic the look in futuristic movies (à la “Tron Legacy,” which is the sci-fi flick coming out in 2010 based on the ’80s classic). Usually black, they feature studded patterns against a dark background that make your pants look like maybe there’s a computer or star ship tracking device in them. Available at large chains like French Connection, Bebe, and Topshop, apparently they’re making the rounds with the young folk. Keep reading »

I Want A Man Who Looks Like Grandpa Did

Ever look at old black and white photographs of your grandparents and think, Man, she was so glam; Gramps was so handsome. (Well, hopefully your grandparents were/are attractive people. We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.) But there’s something especially captivating about the men in those pictures that makes you realize that guys just don’t look like that anymore. It’s difficult to you put your finger on what it is exactly. The hair, yes; the clothes, yes. But it’s also something about how everything works together to give the faces an all-together different aesthetic that you don’t see so often. Swoon.

At the very least, reports the New York Times, old-fashioned fashions are making a comeback with men. Did you do a double take with the photo above? Because surprisingly, those models are decked out Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, and Dolce & Gabbanna. According to the Times, a “new Victorian” aesthetic is experiencing a revival, which we should have seen coming with all those mustachioed hipsters with their lofts decked out with taxidermy. Now men’s designers are incorporating what would have seemed like costumey details of tweed, Civil War-like coats, vests, and bowties, into their designs to bring back the old into the mainstream.

Sadly, we haven’t seen any guys who have gone all out with the nouveau Victorian look. But the man who did could be irresistibly sexy. Don’t believe us? Check out the Times’s spread featuring the dandy styles—trust us, it’s like period porn. [New York Times] Keep reading »

Attack Of The Sequin Blazer Trend! (We Blame Lindsay Lohan)

This is what you get when you let Lindsay Lohan run wild at the Ungaro design studios—the critics denounce her flashy clothes, and then she ends up influencing trends anyway. Well, maybe it’s not all due to her, but a few months after Lohan’s sequined blazers went down the runway at Paris Fashion Week, we’re now seeing them all over the new crop of winter merchandise that’s just hitting stores. Labels like Paul & Joe, Tibi, and Sonia Rykiel have gotten in on the trend, and a lot of the styles are astonishingly expensive (take this gold Antik Batik jacket pictured on bottom, which costs $460 at Net-A-Porter). You can, however, find some more moderately priced blazers at Topshop in the $150 range (top, left).

Yet, that’s still quite a fair amount to drop on a piece that has a lot of potential to go out of style within a year. What do you think of sequin blazers? Awesome holiday party dress alternatives? Or blinding horrors? Keep reading »

Hot Right Now: Bird Skull Jewelry

My first encounter with bird skull jewelry came a few weeks ago at a motorcycle/clothing/coffee (I know, weird combo) shop in the West Village. The ring was sterling silver and the bird skull cast was the perfect length for my finger, but the ring itself was too big. Much to my dismay, the smallest size the company makes slides around on my long, thin, witchy fingers. Being a bit on the obsessive side though, I decided not to let go of the dream but to hunt down an alternative bird skull ring. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t quite the hunt I’d expected. Bird skull jewelry is all over the place these days. Get your hands on some before you’re the only girl out there not wearing a necklace modeled after a skull. Cause how embarrassing would that be?! Info about where to find the aviary-inspired pieces shown above after the jump. Keep reading »

Trend We Heart: Pouch Necklaces

“Everything old is new again” is a saying that you hear over and over again in the fashion world because, as we all know, trends are recycled. A few years ago, my mom bought me a copper necklace that consisted of a filigree … well, I called it a basket at the time … and green, maroon, and clear beads from a vintage store. The necklace was really heavy, a little too ornate, and didn’t really fit with my style at the time, but I enjoyed looking at it. And I thought someday my necklace would be the signature piece of an outfit.

I had no idea at the time that my mom had stumbled upon one of the oldest jewelry trends in history. The pouch necklace has been worn for centuries by those looking to mask their odor or to ward off evil spirits. Nowadays, jewelry designers are giving pouch necklaces the studded and metallic treatment, but you can still find traditional leather ones. I’m really feeling the ones above by Bona Drag, because they’re sweet with the delicate crochet pattern, but are also a little tough with the oxidized brass chain. Keep reading »

Move Over Stilettos: The Kitten Heel Is Walking All Over You

We’ve seen this one coming for a long time, and, between Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni Sarkozy, it’s been on the fashion radar a lot lately. Now, the not-new-but-new-now heel height has been spotted on Italian Vogue editor Giovanna Battaglia (uh, such a huge style crush on her!), above, and loads of runways for spring 2010—Marni, Missoni, Louis Vuitton. So, what are your thoughts? Are you a total four-inch heels or flats girl? Or do you really love the mid-height heels? I think to make a kitten heel feel non-corporate, you need a really wild pair—and a non-business-y getup. [Refinery29] Keep reading »

Warning: Buying Into This Trend Costs More Than You Think

I’ve been seeing these sexy black leggings with the leather patches around for a while. I’ve been really been wanting a pair, so last week I caved in and bought one from COS (above, left). They were a bit pricey for me at around $120, but I could have spent a lot more—I’ve seen versions of them for over $400. Yet, I went home, slapped them on and felt great when I took them out for a spin that evening. I wore them again the next day, congratulating myself on making such a useful wardrobe addition. Then, when I was cleaning my room the day after and was about to chuck them in the laundry pile, I halted.

Wait … you can’t just put leather in water, can you? Would I dry-clean these? Huh? Keep reading »

Where Have All The Earrings Gone?

Last night as I was getting ready for a date, I sifted through my jewelry box, looking for something to accessorize my outfit. “Hey,” I thought. “Why do you never wear all these pretty earrings anymore?” I tried on a few dangly pairs, and promptly removed them—they really did change the whole vibe of my outfit. With some fancy vintage teardrop ones, I felt like I was coming from the opera. Gold medallion posts were pretty, but made me look a bit too grown up. I realized that I actually haven’t worn a pair of dangly earrings for about a year. And my friends? Not with any frequency that I can remember.

Looking at my collection, they just felt a bit dated and out of style. (Weirdly, not so much the earrings themselves, but how they looked on me.) What do you think? Do you reserve earrings for special occasions? Do you wear them regularly? Or are they a non-essential accessory? Keep reading »

Leather Skirts Maybe … But Leather Shorts?

Prompted by the revival of leather skirts, we decided to dig around a bit more to see what else is out there in leather land, and here’s what we found: shorts. Not hot pants but loose-fitting shorts like this Robert Rodriguez pair, which could be a regular style, except they’re made out of leather. Puzzling. Not sure how you would rock these seeing as you can’t really wear them when it’s hot and when it’s cold you’d have to don tights underneath.

Would you salute these shorts? We think you guys know what our answer is. [Shopbop.com] Keep reading »

Sweatpants Are Suddenly Cool

From Alexander Wang to Marc by Marc Jacobs, something rather odd happened on the spring 2010 runways during Fashion Week: Sweatpants became cool again. Whether we’re talking fleecy material dresses or actual sweats, they were everywhere and looked much more fashionable and much less Juicy Couture. As lovers of cool-looking comfort clothes, we fully approve of this move towards clothing that allow us to breathe just a little. [CBS News] Keep reading »

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