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What Is France Doing On The 4th Of July?

The French seem to do everything better. They’ve got awesome healthcare, don’t get fat, and have closets full of Chanel. Apparently, they also know how party on the 4th of July—with a city-wide treasure hunt in Paris, called Les Trésors de Paris (the treasures of Paris). The day-long experience leads groups through sets of riddles that take them to destinations that even Paris natives might not know about like secret gardens and historical buildings. Along the way, you get to meet shopkeepers and other participating business owners. If you make it to the secret final location in time, you’re entered into a ballot from which you get the chance to win rad prizes like swank dinners, hotel stays, or special Paris walking tours. The grand prize gains the winner entrée into an annual secret cabaret that’s one of those invite-only events Parisians clamor to get into. Two other awesome things of note: the hunt was organized in part by the city itself (props to the French government), and in part by a company that specializes in making treasure hunts, which might possibly be the raddest job ever. Except of course, working for TheFrisky. [Tresorsdeparis.fr, English translation available by clicking the U.K. flag item at the bottom of the page]
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Rejected Dude Gives Away Engagement Ring In Treasure Hunt

A New Zealand man wants to dispose of an engagement ring he gave to a woman who spurned him. Anthony Gardiner, 29, couldn’t return the ring and didn’t want to sell it, so he came up with the novel idea of a treasure hunt. “I met this girl I thought was pretty cool, bought a ring, turns out she wasn’t as keen,” said Gardiner to the Dominion Post newspaper. Anyone who wants to hunt for the diamond ring, valued at NZ$5,000 ($3,268), needs to be in Wellington, New Zealand, this Saturday. He will post clues to the ring’s location via his Twitter page on Saturday at 8 a.m. local time. Gardiner says he’ll post clues all day, but if the ring isn’t found by the end of the day, then he’ll start posting directions. Some would wonder why he doesn’t just hold onto the diamond ring until he meets the right woman. “Obviously, it’s been a pretty unlucky ring for me,” Gardiner said. But he hopes the lucky treasure hunter is someone who has “found a cool chick and who wants to give them something they normally wouldn’t be able to afford.” [Reuters] Keep reading »

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