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The Frisky Guidebook: Vice City

In the words of the great Will Smith, “Welcome to Miami…” where people really do party “all night on the beach ‘til the break of dawn.” As the sun gloriously beats down, the streets are lined with so many al fresco diners and strolling locals that you start to wonder if anyone actually works in this town. But really, how can they? With its tropical climate, gorgeous inhabitants, fiery cuisine and – Will would be amiss if we didn’t mention them – white-sand beaches, it’s no wonder why Miami clocks in as America’s sexiest city. So grab your sunscreen (extra SPF here!) and hang on while The Frisky shows you how to get a taste of the real Miami heat with these sizzlin’ South Florida hot spots.
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The Frisky Guidebook: The City Of Brotherly Love

Forget Rocky and cheesesteaks! The city of Philadelphia is a haven for all art, music, food, theater, culture and adventure lovers alike. With summer upon us, it makes a great weekend trip with something amazing to discover down each cobble stone road. Keep reading »

The Frisky Guidebook: The City of HOTlanta

Atlanta, the Dirty South, HOTlanta, the ATL — whatever you wanna call it, Atlanta, Georgia has an incredible history. Since the Civil Rights Movement, the city was kinda known as “The City Too Busy To Hate” because it was one of the only Southern cities with a history of fighting for desegregation — as a result, it became a popular city for many African-Americans in the South to relocate to. Atlanta has a vibrant cultural scene, with many amazing restaurants and bars, not to mention a historical side that is not to be missed. After the jump, our Frisky for your next visit to the ATL. Keep reading »

The Frisky Guidebook: The Windy City

The best Chicago date ever might have been the one in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Really, how can you beat a Ferrari, a Cubs baseball game, a fancy meal, and “Twist and Shout”? But for the kind of fun even Cameron would enjoy (well, if he had a girlfriend), try these Chicago spots, and do your best to avoid the Magnificent Mile, unless you like friendly tourists. Keep reading »

The Frisky Guidebook: The Weirdest City In Texas

Austin is a city with a lot of heart and is a paradise for outdoor lovers, music fans, and foodies. Austin is also a wonderful place to be in the summer, a fun place to flirt, and the perfect place to fall in love. Keep reading »

The Frisky Guidebook: The City That Never Sleeps

So you’re going to New York City. Obviously there is a long list of touristy things you can consider doing, especially if it’s your first time — Yankee game, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building…or you can skip all of those, watch a few New York movies for that experience, and stick with our picks instead. Trust us — these are way more fun AND way more New York. Keep reading »

The Frisky Guidebook: The City By The Bay

“I Left My Heart in San Francisco” is a pretty schmaltzy old song, but once you visit the romantic City by the Bay you’ll get why so many people end up do falling completely in love with the place. Beyond the incredible scenery (at the top of every hill, you can catch a glimpse of the sparkling Pacific and the Golden Gate Bridge), this city is all about food, food, food. (And wine!) And what’s not to love about that? Just remember to bring a sweater—while you may heart SF, it can be very chilly back to you, especially during summer. After the jump, The Frisky picks for the loveliest places to visit while you’re there. Keep reading »

The Frisky Guidebook: The City Of Angels


Any Angeleno knows that a hike up Runyon Canyon followed by brunch is a patented So-Cal date move. But for those who want to avoid the beaten path (or, in this case, trail) these offbeat L.A date activities are sure to impress.

Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce
5574 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, 90038
(323) 465-4242

If Dita Von Teese makes either of you quiver this burlesque club is the place for you. A 1920s throwback with plush velvet everything and nightly shows that are sure to wow, come for a drink and stay through the night to dance up a storm courtesy of tunes by a live jazz trio. Keep reading »

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