transgender teens


On Sunday afternoon, a grieving mother took to Facebook to mourn the loss of her child, posting the following message to friends and family.

The story covering the teen’s death from news outlets told the same story. That a “Joshua Ryan Alcorn” was hit and killed by a semi-truck while walking… READ MORE »


Kim Petras, a German teen whose name used to be Tim, says she always knew she was meant to be a girl. Her parents let her undergo genital reassignment surgery last year after she turned 16. Now she’s completely focused on her musical career, which might not last long if her song “Die… READ MORE »


While Elisabeth Hasselbeck is off on maternity leave, Sherri Shephard is The View’s lone resident conservative and on yesterday’s episode of the hen house peck fest, guest Melina Kanakaredes brought up a rather innocent topic which led to a whole discussion about transgender teens. Kanakaredes said her young son was playing an imagination… READ MORE »