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“Tosh.O” Suggests Dudes Should Grope Women For Laughs!

I’ve never watched “Tosh.O,” the Comedy Central show in which Daniel Tosh offers “Soup”-style commentary on the week’s most entertaining viral videos. But I’m even less interested in watching after seeing a clip of a new segment Tosh introduced called “lightly touching women’s stomachs while they’re sitting down.” Tosh encouraged viewers to film these purposefully non-consensual gropings and post them to YouTube. “Make sure she’s aware that you are in fact feeling a roll,” Tosh explained, just incase it wasn’t abundantly clear that the purpose of this gag was to shame the woman being groped. Tosh aired a couple of his own videos as examples and, sure enough, his audience — which is mostly male — followed suit, groping, filming and uploading their own videos to YouTube. All of the videos submitted were from men, surprise, surprise. 

This whole thing has gotten Tosh quite a bit of flack from the blogosphere for being, well, sexist, offensive, body-shaming, cruel, and revolting, but he’s yet to respond. Speaking of responses, any dude who tries to touch my stomach without my permission — and film it for a crappy douche like Tosh to jerk off to — is going to get a kick to the nuts. [Huffington Post]

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