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If you’ve ever sat staring at a pimple and thought to yourself, “When I was a kid, wasn’t toothpaste a thing you could put on pimples to make them go away like immediately? I feel like it was a thing,” you’ve probably also Googled it for yourself and found a lot of conflicting information.READ MORE »


With a cult following, Burt’s Bees products are already found in most beauty lovers’ makeup cases and vanities, but here’s another reason to appreciate the storied brand. In addition to caring for your lips, face, body, and hair, the company wants to make sure you have good oral health as well. Their new natural toothpaste… READ MORE »


I guess mint toothpaste is not cool enough anymore. Peeps are getting creative and finding new ways to entice you to brush every morning and night. Hmmm … if my breath could smell like anything in the morning what would I choose? I know! Scotch! For just $1 you can get this Jigger brand, he-man… READ MORE »