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Got Fat Toes? Plastic Surgery Now Tackling Toe-besity

Botched Plastic Surgery
plastic surgery
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Plastic Surgery Regrets
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File under: Problems we didn’t know we could even have. Because women don’t have enough of a perfection complex in our culture, now comes the latest plastic surgery craze: toe-slimming surgery, for those with toe-bese phalanges. Apparently plastic surgeons are seeing a rise in people requesting toe-shortening and slimming procedures. Surgeon Oliver Zong says the operation was born out of patient requests. But just because you ask, doesn’t mean that a plastic surgeon will perform it. Says Dr. Hillary Brenner, of the American Podiatric Medical Association, “I don’t think it’s ethical unless you’re having pain.” Keep reading »

Ew, Girl: 9 Examples Of Gross Shrimp Cocktail Toes

Shrimp Cocktail Toes: You might know it as toe overhang, but we prefer to call it Shrimp Cocktail, after the way toes sometimes hang over the edge of sandals and shoes like delicate shrimps. Ladies, you know when you’re buying shoes that are too small, forcing toes to cram in areas they shouldn’t, or too big, sliding toes to the end and off the edge of shoes. Keep fit in mind the next time you buy a pair of open-toe shoes, and take a lesson from these celebs: Shrimp Cocktail Toe is definitely not cute.

Do Not Want: Toe Shoes, Literally

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These Vozianov shoes highlight every nook and cranny of your feet, which is why I think they’re a total waste of time. If I want somebody to see what my pinky toe looks like, I’ll just go barefoot, thank you very much.

How To Keep Your Feet Looking Nice This Summer

When I lived at home, my mom made us — and our confused friends — wash our feet in the sink before entering the house proper during the summer. In sandal weather, she could often be heard admonishing us not to “drag our street feet into the house!” As a result, I’m flexible and balanced enough to stand on one leg while the other is in the sink and consider myself an expert at warding off what I like to call “hobo feet.” Click through for tips for keeping your feet smooth and pretty, even as summer sandal dirt threatens to make them filthy and dry.

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Kate Gosselin Liked The Pedicure Slippers So Much She Wore Them Home

Kate Gosselin got a pedicure yesterday, and, not wanting to mess up her paint job, she wore the foam slippers home and carried her heeled sandals. Do you plan to wear certain shoes when you get your toes done so that you don’t encounter similar issues? Keep reading »

Like A Support Bra For Your Toe Cleavage?

Right now, my feet are encased in tights, two pairs of socks, and huge boots in order to ward off the snowy slush coating the streets. Meanwhile, my pretty heels stare at me from their perch begging to be worn. But come spring it seems I’ll be wrapping my toes again, since there’s a new fashion accessory for feet, and it’s not toe cleavage. Instead of flaunting her little piggies, Vicki Kysella created Lingerie Toes because she just hated seeing her toe peds in flesh colors. So she started her own company called Voet Hosiery and began designing her mini socks. The coverings range in color, and retail for $14 per pair. We have to applaud her entrepreneurship, but we’re not totally sold on the need for toe decoration. Would you wear toe lingerie with your heels? Keep reading »

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