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Rapist List Surfaces At The University Of Chicago

A group of students at the University of Chicago posted what they titled the “Hyde Park List“: a list of students accused of sexual harassment and rape, coded “red” or “orange” depending on the severity of the accused’s alleged behavior. UChicago is one of the schools currently being investigated for Title IX violations for mishandling campus rape investigations. Jezebel’s Kate Dries wrote a detailed account of some of the cases that spurred the Department of Education’s investigation at UChicago with an analysis of the university’s culture this June. Keep reading »

Clemson’s Title IX Training Program Suspended Over Privacy Concerns

Stories like this drive me crazy: Clemson University was forced to pull a well-intended Title IX training program for their students because it included a survey about student sexual behavior that was ostensibly anonymous but required the students to be logged in with their student IDs.

A few thoughts: First, could they sacrifice design and just make a Google form? It’s easier to make that anonymous and you can still hand the data over to a third-party company to analyze. Second, could they make the survey optional? Third, did they bother to explain why they were asking the students about their sexual histories before the survey began? Keep reading »

“The Campus Accountability And Safety Act” Announced To Press Schools On Sexual Assault

todays lady news
  • Today, Democrats, Republicans and sexual assault survivors announced the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, which will increase the financial punishment on schools which violate the gender equality law Title IX by mishandling sexual assaults on campus. The act would also make schools provide an advisor for each victim of sexual violence in order to help them through the process of going through the school’s disciplinary proceedings, as well as make public the anonymous surveys about campus assaults. [MSNBC, New York Times]
  • Massachusetts has hastily passed a law designed to increase safety around abortion clinics in response to a recent Supreme Court decision which struck down “buffer zones” as a violation of anti-abortion protesters’ free speech. [RH Reality Check] Keep reading »

Male Student Suspended By Columbia For Alleged Sexual Misconduct Sues School For Title IX Discrimination


In September 2013, a female student at Columbia University filed a complaint against “John Doe,” a sophomore and member of the crew team from Florida, over alleged nonconsensual sex in her dorm room that had occurred  in May 2013. This February, a school tribunal found “John Doe” guilty of sexual misconduct and suspended him for two years from the school, until fall of 2015. Last month, “John” filed a lawsuit against the school for negligence, a violation of Title IX (which forbids discrimination from an educational program on the basis of sex), and other complaints.

According to “John Doe”‘s lawsuit, he and “Jane Doe” knew each other, hung out in the same friend group, and in fact, “John” was roommates with her ex-boyfriend. In May 2013 during finals, the lawsuit explains, “it was at Jane Doe’s suggestion that they engaged in one night of consensual activity.” After chatting in a Columbia dorm lounge where “John” was studying, the two took a late-night walk together. Then they went to her dorm room’s bathroom and she allegedly retrieved a condom from her room. They had sex in the bathroom and afterwards, he left. The lawsuit claims the two “left each other’s company on good terms,” although “Jane” allegedly texted him days later expressing concern that their friends not know about the hookup. Two weeks later, she contacted him again, letting him know she “expressed doubt” about the hookup and was “uncomfortable with how it would appear to everyone else.” Keep reading »

Girls Who Get Sporty With It Lead Better Lives

When I think back to the good ol’ kid years, one of my strongest memories is swim team—the grueling practices, the butterflies in my stomach waiting on the starting block to dive in for a race, even the joy of a Cheerwine (yeah, it’s a Southern thing) after a big win. Many of my friends echo this and very strongly remember their time on the volleyball team or as a star on their high school women’s basketball team. Title IX, which requires schools that get public funding to provide equal opportunities for boys and girls, has been in effect for nearly 40 years, and it’s led to an explosion in the number of girls participating in sports. Researchers are now starting to look at what kind of effect that’s had. In addition to having lower rates of teen pregnancy, girls involved in sports also get better grades and report higher levels of self-esteem. And a new study by Dr. Betsey Stevenson of the University of Pennsylvania looked at statistics state-by-state and found that in places where more girls participated in sports, there was a 20 percent increase in women’s education level and a 40 percent boost in employment for women ages 25 to 34. Another study by a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago correlated lots of girls participating in sports with a seven percent decrease in risk of obesity once the girls reach their 40s. Today, one in three girls plays a sport compared to one in two boys. What will happen when those numbers are equal?

Did you play a sport when you were a kid? Which one? Share a memory in the comments section. [NY Times] Keep reading »

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