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That’s right. The school’s plan is to start charging students a mandatory fee to handle Title IX complaints because there are so many cases they can’t afford to handle them… More »


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A student at The University of Chicago is currently in the process of suing the university for “anti-male bias” after being investigated twice for sexual assault. More »

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And gender discrimination! The hits just keep on coming. More »

They’re too holy to admit LGBT people and unmarried mothers, but not too holy to take their tax money. More »


It’s taken five years, but a girl who was used as “rape bait” by her middle school is a little closer to justice.More »

Today's Lady News
Today's Lady News

Narendra Modi tells Bangladeshi PM her stance on terrorism is impressive “despite being a woman,” and in other news, an Austrian scientist has created a prosthetic foot that can feel. More »

Watch This Series On The Reality Of Gay Conversion Therapy
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VICE has finished up its three-part series on gay conversion therapy. [VICE]
Erskine College in South Carolina has issued a statement that it is officially anti-gay, after two… More »


A group of students at the University of Chicago posted what they titled the “Hyde Park List“: a list of students accused of sexual harassment and rape, coded “red” or… More »

Stories like this drive me crazy: Clemson University was forced to pull a well-intended Title IX training program for their students because it included a survey about student sexual behavior… More »

“The Campus Accountability And Safety Act” Announced To Press Schools On Sexual Assault

Today, Democrats, Republicans and sexual assault survivors announced the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, which will increase the financial punishment on schools which violate the gender equality law Title… More »


In September 2013, a female student at Columbia University filed a complaint against “John Doe,” a sophomore and member of the crew team from Florida, over alleged nonconsensual sex in… More »

Girls Who Get Sporty With It Lead Better Lives

When I think back to the good ol’ kid years, one of my strongest memories is swim team—the grueling practices, the butterflies in my stomach waiting on the starting block… More »