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Quick Tip Of The Day: Your Hand Is The Best Thing To Clean Your Lady Parts

I went to the gyno Saturday and was surprised when the nurse practitioner asked me what I use to wash the goodies. I told her Summer’s Eve Sensitive Wash. She told me she doesn’t trust products like Summer’s Eve, Massengill, or Lamisil because these companies also make douches, which we all know are unhealthy. She suggested regular old Dove soap and a hand — washcloths can hold bacteria — as the best method for cleaning the lady parts. She also cautioned against allowing any water into the vagina, saying to only clean the outside. Now, I’m a little cheap in weird ways, so I’m not switching to Dove until my wash runs out, which it almost has. What do you think about the nurse’s advice? And what do you use to stay fresh and clean? Keep reading »

Quick Tip Of The Day: How To Keep Pants Neatly Tucked Into Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots worn with pants can be sexy and sleek, as Rachel Bilson proves, but nothing messes up the look like your pants bulging at the knees. So I’m going to let you in on a trick that has never failed me, and all you need is a pair of knee-high socks with strong elastic at the top, which I’m sure you already own. After you’ve put on your pants, pull your socks up halfway over your foot. If your pants are long, then fold them up so they hit your ankle. Next, wrap the excess of the pant leg around your leg and hold with one hand. With the other hand, pull the sock over the pant leg until it reaches right below your knee. If your knee can’t bend comfortably as is, then pull a little of the pant leg out of the sock. Now you’re ready to slip on your boot and go, just make sure the sock isn’t showing.

Alternative: Buy a pair of riding pant clips and attach them to the hem of your jeans. Works like a charm! [$3.99, DoverSaddlery.com] Keep reading »

Tip Of The Day: Prevent Lipstick Left Behind On Wine Glasses

Looks as though the red lipstick trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Have you seen any of the Prada spring 2010 runway beauty? It’s high time we get to dealing with those pesky lipstick stains we are all leaving behind on our wine glasses. Seriously, how didn’t we already know this hyper-easy trick? What you do: Before taking a sip, lick (as stealth-like as possible) the spot on the rim you’re about to touch your lips to. You won’t lose any color and the glass won’t look tack-town. [Cup of Jo] Keep reading »

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