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You Know What Time It Is

I’ve never been much of a watch person, because I’m addicted to my phone and I check it every five seconds. But! If you give me a watch that’s actually cute? And wearable? And somehow adds more zing to my wardrobe? Well then, I just might consider it. That’s why I’m really feeling this gorgeous Baume & Mercier double-strap watch. There’s something both vintage beautiful about it and thoroughly current. Featuring quartz movement and interchangeable leather bands (in both soft-finished and patent leather varieties), this watch instantly steps up your game. And the bands come in a rainbow of colors, so it pretty much goes with everything. Sure, it costs a pretty penny, but I consider it an investment piece — in both your future, and in knowing exactly what time it is. [$1950, Baume & Mercier]

“Honey, What Time Is it?”

I’ve taken the liberty of making this ad for an oh-so-scandalous time piece slightly more SFW. I wouldn’t want the “Time To F**k” watch to get you in any trouble. Also, is it just me, or does the classy and debonaire look of this ad suggest the “Time To F**k” watch is from the same makers as the “Erotica Telephone”? Maybe it’s just the amber hue… Keep reading »

Crave: Studded Wrap Watch

Our dream timepiece happens to be the Hermes double-wrapped Cape Cod watch. Unfortunately, it’s only a dream because it costs upwards of $2,000. However, this La Mer Studded Wrap Watch is a million times cheaper, (almost) as cute, and a little more punk rock, thanks to strategically placed studs. When you’re as rich as Grace Kelly you can buy the Cape Cod — this watch is for your cool, bad ass, poor, 20-something days. [$95, UrbanOutfitters.com] Keep reading »

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