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Star Couplings: Tila Tequila Doesn’t Care About “Larry King” Snub

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Jasmine Lennard Blasts Tila Tequila Over Her Influence On Casey Johnson

While newspapers and tabloids continue to eulogize Casey Johnson as the “fiancée of Tila Tequila,” one person is calling BS—Jasmine Lennard, a close friend of Casey’s and a one-time contest on the reality show “Make Me A Supermodel.” On her Twitter page, Jasmine wrote to Tila, “You NEVER even knew [Casey]. You have known her a total of one month and you took advantage of someone in her weakest moment. You enabled her death and prevented her getting the help she SO DESPERATELY needed for YOUR OWN selfish purposes … You took advantage of a sick girl and YOU killed her.” [Huffington Post]

Now, Jasmine is not completely without fault in the sordid tale of Casey’s last few months. Just a month ago, Jasmine returned home from a trip and found her apartment trashed. She called the police, who arrested Casey for grand theft. Keep reading »

Casey Johnson Found Dead At Age 30

Yesterday morning, embattled socialite and Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson was found dead in Los Angeles. TMZ reported her death last night. Johnson was engaged to Tila Tequila, who posted a flurry of, um, confused and confusing tweets about her fiancée’s passing, which you can read after the jump. There’s no official cause of death, but according to TMZ, Johnson hadn’t been heard from since Dec. 29 and her phone had been cut off. Johnson was recently arrested for grand theft and is the mother of an adopted daughter, who has been in the custody of Johnson’s parents. Her dad, incidentally, is the owner of the New York Jets, who just made their way into the playoffs this weekend. The LAPD has opened a death investigation.

After the jump, those tweets from Tila Tequila, who I’m sure is deeply saddened by her fiancée’s death, but probs shouldn’t be using this as an opportunity to bond with her Twitter followers. Keep reading »

Star Couplings: Tila Tequila Not Pregnant Yet

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Star Couplings: Kevin Jonas Is Not A Virgin Anymore!

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Oh, Dear. Tila Tequila Might Be Pregnant!

Latest news from Tila Tequila‘s vagina: the former star of “A Shot A Love” might be pregnant! Tila tweeted the announcement that she would carry a baby as a surrogate for her brother and his wife as a “Christmas present.” Keep reading »

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