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“The Bachelor” Recap: Tierra Almost Freezes To Death & One Woman Is Sent Home Before The Rose Ceremony

"The Bachelor," Ep. 5
Tierra has gone from terrible to TIERRAFYING. Read More »
"The Bachelor," Ep. 4
Selma won't kiss Sean and Leslie gets a date fit for a hooker! Read More »
"The Bachelor," Ep. 3
A kissing record is broken! Read More »

Two episodes of “The Bachelor” in one week? Cat lady Christmas has come early this year! I’m not sure why ABC felt these two episodes were climactic enough to warrant back to back airings, but I’m not complaining. On Monday’s episode, Tierra The Tierrable established herself not only as this season’s villain, but its resident bunny boiler as well. So, was she any more Tierrafying in last night’s episode? Let’s find out! Keep reading »

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