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Beauty IRL: Let’s Talk About Facial Hair

Don’t fear the chin hair.

Megan Reynolds / March 4, 2015

I Got My Eyebrows Threaded And I’m Never Plucking Again

Ladies, welcome to the future. The future is eyebrow threading. It’s not new — in fact it’s an old, old tradition — but threading has usurped plucking as the way to get rid of unwanted hair. At least in my book.

Julie Gerstein / July 23, 2012

Getting Smooth Survival Guide: I Got My Upper Lip Threaded

Summer is just around the corner! Hair removal season has begun! In our “Getting Smooth Survival Guide,” we’ll be testing out various ways to defuzz your body parts, if defuzzing is something you choose to do. (No judgement if you’re happily rocking body hair. Do you, girl.) 

Since I’ve literally got the sparsest…

Nina Carbone / June 14, 2012

Poll: What’s Your Eyebrow Style?

[poll id=2652]…

Annika Harris / November 9, 2010