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Should You Go See “This Is It”?

Back in July, when we heard that Sony Pictures had plunked down $60 million smackers for 120 hours of footage from Michael Jackson‘s rehearsals for the “This Is It” tour that never was, we wondered if they were geniuses or crazy people. Yes, with MJ love flying high, it seemed like huge numbers of people would pay $10 to $12 for a peek inside the final rehearsals. But then again, 120 hours is not actually a lot of material when it comes to making a feature film—and they paid half a mill per hour. Well, “This Is It” finally opened yesterday, with simultaneous premieres in 16 cities across the globe. Directed by Kenny Ortega, who created the tour with Jackson, it is part concert movie and part documentary. The flick is now showing in 18,000 theaters, but it will only be playing for two weeks. So, should you walk to the theater, run to the theater, or stay at home and ignore the movie’s existence? That really depends on whom you ask. Keep reading »

Quote Of The Day: Michael Jackson’s Sibling Says Movie Is Riveting

“My brother’s movie ‘This Is It’ is truly riveting. Michael is electrifying! We get a glimpse of a true genius at work. His passionate message for healing the world, saving the planet and our children’s futures is something he was always striving for in his lifetime.”

— Jackie Jackson, one of Michael’s older brothers, gushes about “This Is It,” the movie about Michael’s final days, which opens late tomorrow night. Many of the Jackson clan, including matriarch Katherine, have no plans to see the movie any time soon, saying they need a little more distance before watching it. What about you? Will you watch “This Is It”? [via TMZ] Keep reading »

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