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Somebody At The Vatican Is Downloading BDSM Porn

Pope Pope or Pop Pop?
The Pope
Pope Francis and George Bluth: same person? Read More »

Look, we’re not saying the Pope has anything to do with this, but somebody at the Vatican is getting their rocks off to some hardcore porn on the job. The folks at Torrent Freak discovered that someone with the Vatican’s IP address is downloading tons of very porny porn. Stuff like “Whipped Ass,” “Russian Slaves” and “TS Pussy Hunters.” Plus, a bunch of German pornography. You can see what some of this stuff looks like here, if you’re at home and wanna see some chicks spank and penetrate each other. (Yes, NSFW).

Aside from the porn hijinks, the Vatican’s getting into trouble in another way — they’re illegally downloading a bunch of shit. Back in January, a priest mentioned in an interview that they’d watched “Django Unchained” the night before. The only problem? They watched it in their “in-monastery film club.” Oh, and we’re kind of stoked that the torrent revealed that they’d also been watching “Love, Actually,” too. Big fan of that movie. Other Vatican favorites? “Chicago Fire,” British soap “Neighbours” and “The Americans.” Maybe there are some diehard “Felicity” fans at the old Holy See? [Torrent Freak]

Sarah Silverman Out To Sell The Vatican

Sarah Silverman makes us go tee hee hee. Check out her latest video, which she premiered on “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Friday. (Notice: not on Jimmy Kimmel‘s show, like she did her now infamous “I’m F**king Matt Damon” video.) In this one, she’s come up with a genius plan to end world hunger and get rid of those pesky commercials with sad music that try to get you to sponsor a child — sell the Vatican. Keep reading »

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