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Dress Like Olivia Pope: Our 10 Favorite Pieces From The Limited’s “Scandal”-Inspired Fashion Line

Every time an episode of “Scandal” airs, I want to trash everything in my closet and completely reinvent my wardrobe using Olivia Pope as my style inspiration. Equal parts professional badass and classy seductress, Kerry Washington’s character (much like the actress in real life) is always dressed to the nines. To honor Miss Pope’s style, The Limited, with some help from Kerry, has created a “Scandal” clothing line to help women channel their inner “leader.” Click through the gallery to see our 10 favorite pieces, and click here to view the full collection.

Fido’s Chance At Sartorial Superstardom

I want a dog. Badly. But unfortunately, living in Manhattan with roommates is not exactly conducive to housing puppies. The Limited is making it really hard for me to stray from adopting a little pet of my own, as they’ve launched a brand new line of sweaters for man (and woman’s) best friend. Along with the precious teeny clothes is a genius social marketing campaign: upload photos and all the details about your pet’s name to the “Fabulous Pet Names” contest for a chance to win prizes, including a photo-shoot with your beloved pup or a new iPod. At the very least, the site provides a great procrastination (or inspiration) tool, since you can browse everyone who has entered. Maybe I’ll finally figure out the name of my currently non-existent doggie? [The Limited] Keep reading »

Retail Nostalgia: The Limited Stages A Comeback

The Limited was a staple back in the day. First, you craved the bright neons and girly prints from Limited Too, but finally, when you were old enough, your mom would let your wardrobe graduate to The Limited. [I fully remember shopping for a dress there while a new Enya song throbbed in the background. That was a while ago, I guess. -- Editor] Unfortunately, over the years, and with the popularity of stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, that Limited obsession has become, well, limited.

Now, the store has decided it’s time for a comeback. Though Manhattan hasn’t seen a Limited store since 1999, the brand is opening a pop-up shop in Soho on Spring Street in order to try and entice shoppers with their new runway to real way looks. New stores will follow, along with dressing rooms from the next generation–with call buttons for help, an e-bar to exchange a size, and wireless remotes for the bored-to-tears boys. If the clothes that appear in stores stay true to the pictures we’re seeing, then The Limited has won us back. [WWD]
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