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Girl Talk: How I Started Enjoying My Love Life Again

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No one does “judgmental” like my Mom.

“Sweetheart, I don’t understand. If you were building a real relationship with this boy, then why would one text message destroy it all?”

She didn’t get it. George and I had been friends in college. We’d recently re-connected years later in New York and started having brunch, texting all the time, meeting up for drinks, swinging by our favorite burger joint, and making out. A lot. (We weren’t having sex, Mom, FYI.)

It thrilled me that maybe – maybe – we would have The Talk soon and he would become my boyfriend. How wild, hilarious, awesome and unexpected would that be, after all the years we had known each other! Keep reading »

10 Ways to Reboot Your Love Life, Immediately

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Guys To Date
Here are 18 guys you should give a shot in 2012. Read More »

We all get into romantic ruts sometimes. Maybe we’re busy working hard, or we’re traveling a lot, or it just seems like we happen to be circulating in the same crowd and spending all of our time with the same people. Honestly, whose love life couldn’t use a little nudge in a more exciting direction?

Luckily, giving your love life a boost no longer requires making huge, scary moves like setting up an online dating profile, scheduling a bunch of awkward dinner-and-a-movie outings, or begging all your friends to set you up on dates with their single guy friends. This is because we are now living in a post-dating world, where people are connecting (and falling in love!) via more … ambiguous avenues. They are getting to know each other on not-quite-romantic-but-not-quite-platonic non-dates, exploring their connections via e-communication, and feeling sparks of potential, excitement and love with the people in their gaggle.

What is your gaggle? Your gaggle is the group of guys in your life who you might not be “dating,” but who play different roles, fulfill different needs, and help you figure out who you are, what you want and what kind of relationship you ultimately desire. Any time you feel the slightest spark of connection with a guy, no matter how quick or undefined or unexpected, he’s in your gaggle. Keep reading »

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