the future

Love & Sex

Whatever — if someone wants to sex a robot, let them sex a robot. READ MORE »


“I hope Kourtney is maybe done having babies.”  Couldn’t agree more, Kim. READ MORE »


I don’t even know how I should begin trying to explain this. Glenn Beck apparently thinks he’s Laurence Olivier now or some shit, and has created this bizarre video in which he speaks from the future…to other people in the future, about how everything in the whole world went to shit after the year 2014, because people… READ MORE »


In honor of her upcoming film, “The Future” (which I predict I will love based on the trailer), Miranda July has created an interactive web oracle wherein she divines your future via a colorful spinning wheel. While she understands that we may be super skeptical of this new form of divination, she encourages us to… READ MORE »