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11 Of Our Favorite Frisky Posts In Haiku Form

The Frisky Turns 5!
Happy 5th birthday to The Frisky! Read More »
Dating Don'ts Hall Of Fame
These dating columns are worth a second read. Read More »
Personal Blogging Lessons
Five things Amelia has learned from sharing about her personal life online. Read More »

We’re celebrating The Frisky’s 5th birthday this week (wooohooo!), and as part of the grand celebration we’re looking back on some of our favorite outfits, reader emails, and lessons we’ve learned from the past half-decade. For my contribution, I thought I’d condense some of our most beloved and/or underrated posts into haiku form. Read on for a little poetry action, and click the links within each haiku to read the full posts that inspired them! Keep reading »

May 10: What Are We Wearing Today?

With Amelia sweating it out in Tulum still, it’ll be a short but sweet WWWT. Things are improving slightly, weather-wise here in Ye Olde New York, so we’re cautiously bringing our spring wardrobe out of retirement. And one thing you haven’t seen in a while — and maybe won’t see again for a bit — my pale, sun-deprived legs. Click through for all the Thursday afternoon outfit madness.

Today’s Lady News: Sex Gets Better With Age, Study Finds

  • Women’s enjoyment of sex increases with age, according to a new study in The American Journal of Medicine. Even though women ages 40 and up reported a lower overall sex drive, their arousal and orgasms were better. The study looked at 806 women who are part of an ongoing 40-year research project near San Diego, California. Even though it’s good to hear that the enjoyment of sex improved with age, I’m pretty happy that the highest frequency of arousal was reported by the youngest women in the study! [USA Today]
  • Mississippi’s Governor Haley Barbour has pardoned a man who shot his wife, Tammy, in the head in 1993 while she held the couple’s two-month-old child. David Glenn Gatlin also shot a family friend, who survived the shooting. Gatlin was given a life sentence for murder in 1994. Gatlin became a “trustee inmate” working at the Governor’s Mansion since 2009, which is apparently what prompted Gov. Barbour to pardon him. [Clarion Ledger, WLBT]
  • Meet Mollie Thomas, a 19-year-old lesbian who intends to run in the Miss California beauty pageant. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

The Frisky Ladies Confess Their Deepest, Darkest Secrets

You know what girls are good at? Keeping secrets. Just kidding. No, we are not. Women like to share and care, and the ladies who work for The Frisky are no exception. But what are the deep, dark secrets of The Frisky ladies? From not-so-secret sexual assignations to repeat visits to Star Trek Conventions to plastic surgery confessions, we dish all — anonymously, of course — after the jump. Keep reading »

Susannah And I Have Broken Up

Sad face, you guys. It seems like only this morning that Susannah told you our wonderful news –that she and I are in love and engaged to be married. Or we were — but Jesse James strikes again. This afternoon, while sipping chai lattes and holding hands at the Starbucks around the corner, Suze and I got into a little debate. It was friendly at first, but then got heated. You see, Susannah, for some reason, thinks Sandra Bullock should forgive Jesse James for being a complete tool, whereas I think she should divorce him without looking back. Y’all, our fight got so bad that they kicked us out of Starbucks! I suddenly realized that I didn’t want to spend eternity with someone who could be SO dead wrong about something so important. Also, there were “sexual issues” which I would rather not discuss at this time, but suffice it to say, Susannah needs, um, therapy. So it’s over. I need time to heal, but I should be fine by 5:30.

Anyway, thanks for celebrating our love, however short-lived it may have been. Don’t worry — Susannah and I are complete professionals. This will not affect either of our work on The Frisky — if anything, it’ll improve things, since she and I won’t need to sneak off to make out in the stairwell anymore. Keep reading »

Amelia And I Are Getting Married

Hi. I’m really pleased to announce some pretty exciting and, for some, unexpected news. Amelia McDonell-Parry, the lead editor of The Frisky, and I, Susannah Breslin, who regularly contributes to this site in ways myriad, are getting married.

Some of you, readers and coworkers alike, may be surprised by this announcement. Amelia and I have kept things pretty secret — working together and dating has its complications — and if you know our writing, you know that both of us have really struggled with dating and being single. In a way, though, that’s what brought us together. A love of the written word and long work hours threw us together, so to speak, one thing led to another, and I won’t bore you with the details, but, to put it simply, we’re in love. And getting married. Not tomorrow. Not soon. But eventually. That’s our plan for a life spent together. Granted, that’ll be a little complicated in a day and age when being the same sex makes marrying one another practically illegal, but it’s important to us that we make a public commitment that symbolizes how we feel about each other.

So! We’re not registered yet, but we’ll let you know when we are. We’re not going to get totally overshare-y with you, we promise, but I know Amelia’s already working on a Girl Talk about us and how we came to be. We hope you’ll follow us on our trip to the altar. Amelia may be wearing the dress, but I think I’ll be the luckiest girl in the room. [Love you, A!] Keep reading »

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