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The Daily Squeeze: Marketing Of The Pill & A “Grey’s Anatomy” SPOILER

  • You know how Yaz manufacturers push its skin-clearing abilities more than the contraceptive benefits in its commercials? That’s no accident. In an effort to encourage better compliance, many birth control manufacturers and doctors are promoting the secondary health benefits of contraception. [New York Times]
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    The Daily Squeeze: Bad Pickup Lines, Sex Stress In Greece, And The Cost Of Dating

  • Time Out Chicago shares a bunch of pickup lines actually used in bars around the city. Our favorite is: “You’re a total Visa, baby. You’re everywhere I want to be.” Ugh. [Time Out Chicago]
  • Eighty percent of the men who called a sex helpline in Tessaloniki, Greece, did so because they were stressed about their sexual performance. Fifteen percent of the married men who called were anxious about whether they were satisfying their partners. Um…why don’t they talk to their wives about this? Communication, people! [Khaleej Times]
  • According to The Economic Times’ calculations, people can spend more than $40,000 during a courtship on everything from movie tickets, dinners, vacations, jewelry, and wedding expenses. And a survey of around 1,000 people found that 70 percent of women and 50 percent of men were interested in marrying for money. [The Economic Times]
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    The Daily Squeeze: A Treatise On Undressing Men

  • An excerpt for a 1,000+ word article on how to undress a man: “For the woman doing the undressing, [taking off a tie] will involve giving him a smouldering [sic] look while creating sufficient slack before the knot turns into an impenetrable lump, then looping the tie over his head. If you get really desperate, just resort to nail scissors.” [Times Online]
  • Saudi religious police have ordered florists and gift shop owners to remove scarlet-colored items, including red roses, from stores in Riyadh. The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice thinks Valentine’s Day encourages relations outside of marriage, a punishable crime. [Yahoo!]
  • Bravo’s show The Millionaire Matchmaker may include more than the nerdy and commitment-phobic guys in its next season. Patti Stanger, the matchmaker, said she hopes to have a gay millionaire and a cancer survivor on the show. (The show hasn’t been picked up for a second season just yet, but we’re crossing our fingers.) [NY Post]
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    The Daily Squeeze: A Defective Sex Doll, A Matthew McConaughey Movie, And A Free Brothel

  • A sex shop in Transylvania was fined $1,200 after a man complained that the sex doll he bought there deflated too quickly. They also had to provide him with a new doll. [Courier Mail (Australia)]
  • Do exes haunt you? Because they haunt Matthew McConaughey. In next year’s movie The Ghost of Girlfriends Past, McConaughey will be visited by ex-girlfriends, one played by Jennifer Garner, and hopefully learn something, kind of like Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, except for the fact that Scrooge didn’t sleep with the Ghost of Christmas Past. [Reuters]
  • Here’s a novel idea: Give men free sex in exchange for filming it—the only stipulation is that he can’t try to hide his face. A brothel in Prague doesn’t charge its clients but videotapes them with the 58 high-resolution cameras scattered throughout the establishment. The video is then available on subscription website (for those into semi-reality porn), and the guy gets a DVD to remember it all. [Sunday Herald (Scotland)]
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