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Say It Isn’t So: The Sartorialist Gives Reverence To Uggs

Get Snapped By Scott
Here's a handy guide on how to get photographed by The Sartorialist. Read More »
Ugg Vaccine
Uggs video
Cure your love for the furry boots with this spoof. Watch »

Stop the presses! What is Scott Schulman, better known as The Sartorialist, trying to pull by writing about Uggs? I think at this point, it being 2012 and all, we can all come to an agreement that Uggs are an abomination of style and the downfall of society as we knew it pre-Uggs. Everyone knows they’re “warm” and “comfy,” but what they scream is that you may be carrying a foot fungus. I thought we’d all come to terms with this and hugged and cried and tossed them into the fireplace together over hot coals, but The Sartorialist — he who undoubtedly knows better than I — seems to think otherwise. I don’t know what to believe anymore … deep breaths. At least there’s a really cute puppy involved. I want! [The Sartorialist]

How To Get Featured On _________ [Insert Style Blog Name]

There was a time a couple years ago when getting featured on The Sartorialist was a goal for many a stylish New Yorker. I got lucky early and was snapped the week after I moved to the city, but friends and workmates alike were left scheming, stalking and plotting to run into Scott Schuman while wearing the right outfit. Now, it’s not just The Sartorialist, it’s a whole plethora of blogs that demand serious planning if you want to make it onto their [web]pages. From the embarrassing to the awesome, click through for tips on how to end up everywhere from Jak & Jill to Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber.

Quick Guide: How To Get Photographed By The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist is chock-full of impossibly cool and beautiful people looking impossibly cool and beautiful, and we’ve often wondered just what it takes to get noticed by Sartorialist blogger Scott Schuman’s discerning eye. Wonder no more: this handy and hilarious chart offers up a surefire way to get noticed, and photographed, by the world’s coolest style blogger. Check it out after the jump. [I Love Charts] Keep reading »

Garance Dore Does Fashion ‘Round The World

As of late, fashion blogger and street style shooter Garance Doré has added videos to her repertoire. Many of her videos so far have focused on runway shows, the behind the scenes action, and the models strutting down the catwalk. In her most recent installment, “A Month in Fashion,” she gives a peek at her life as a fashion blogger, traveling around the world to fashion shows, frequently in the company of her fiance, fellow style blogger Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist. It’s stylish, sweet, and romantic. [Garance Doré] Keep reading »

It’s The Sartorialist, Except With Really Bad Fashion

You certainly know and love Scott Schuman’s blog, dedicated to the most gorgeous, stylish urban trendsetters in the world. But with all the various street style pics roaming around out there (our own included), these days, good-looking stunners who dress well are a dime a dozen. That’s why we’re loving the SartoriaS**t. Why, what a breath of fresh air! Sure, anyone can put together a “safe” outfit, but the featured subjects of this blog know how to take true fashion risks, like the man above, who wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of natty old sweats at the airport! Now that’s chic. [SartoriaS**t] Keep reading »

What’s Your Fashion Kryptonite?

Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist) was lamenting just yesterday about how he loves a nice chunky cardi, but because of his body type (and maybe fashion personality?) he can’t ever pull one off. I’m with you, Scott! There’s just some stuff I either don’t have the guts to wear or would just look horrid on me. I have to assume everyone has one or two cuts or styles of clothing that just look terribly wrong on them. Personally? I’ve got more than one or two. How about this wedding dress? Gorg, right? Not when I put it on—it made me look like a linebacker. I couldn’t rip it off my body fast enough! Or this onesie and this babydoll top? Can’t even wear them outside of a store dressing room they look so bad on me. Normal white tank tops (like the kind from Hanes or anything that looks like them) also prove to be not a good thing for my upper body. And you know how those Diane von Furstenburg wrap dresses are supposed to be flattering on everyone? Well, I’m apparently the exception to that rule. My list is long, but knowing what just will never work for my body and complexion also helps me to find what will. What about you — do you have a list of clothing kryptonite? Keep reading »

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