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There Is Such A Thing As An Invisibility Cloak (And Carpet, Apparently)

Every day, I mourn the fact that there will never be another Harry Potter book. Yes, every day I cry over a butterbeer while feeling homesick for Hogwarts.

But who would have guessed that muggles could, in fact, bring back some magic from the wizarding world themselves. Apparently, scientists have already designed a type of invisibility cloak and have made advances by transforming the material into a carpet that can hide bumps and protrusions underneath it. Made from mysterious-sounding “metamaterials,” these creations play with light to create optical illusions. The carpet, which is pictured above, has “a bumpy gold surface layer with the tailored ‘invisibility cloak’ underneath. The cloak, made from laser-sculpted layers of polymer, hides the bump from optical detection.”

The article on MSNBC then goes on to detail a bunch of scientific stuff about nanostructures, micron, blah blah, polymer, blah. Don’t be fooled, people—Potter lives! And so does his magical cloak. They just want you to think magic doesn’t exist. [MSNBC] Keep reading »

J-Wear Anti-Smell Underpants Keep You Fresh For Days

What if you could go for days at a time without changing your underwear? This sounds like a guy’s dream, but we’d have to admit it’d tickle us, too. (Seriously, is it just us, or do you go through tons of pairs throughout the week?) Now there’s J-Wear, a very limited-edition underwear collection that came out of space travel research when a Japanese astronaut needed some heavy-duty panties (you can’t really change them up in outer space, apparently). A textile company came up with a powder to work in tandem with the cloth so that it kills bacteria, absorbs water, and dries quickly. The main benefit: they stay odorless for up to three days. How is that even possible?! An equally believable added bonus is that they “have flame-resistant and anti-static properties,” which would appeal to people in dangerous careers like firefighting or race car driving. Or, maybe even you … we don’t know what pyrotechnics go on in your bedroom? [Inventor Spot] Keep reading »

Love Nest: Is That Chair Proenza Schouler?

Attention, Proenza fans: Fashion It duo Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough have come out with a textile collection for interiors mega-company Knoll that’s dark and dramatic—and mostly, it seems, inspired by their past collections. Think rich jewel tones, a range of neutrals, classic damask, plus a handful of other patterns and the Proenza favorite color combo of navy and black. Knoll doesn’t list prices, but I have to assume their textiles, like their collection, don’t come cheap. Still, do we like? [Knoll via Domicidal Maniac] Keep reading »

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