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Teeth Jewelry—2010′s Must-Have Accessory?

Teeth bling may have previously been for rappers or people with outdated, shoddy dental work, but it looks like they’re actually becoming … dare we say it … kinda cool? A few months ago, we found an Australian jewelry designer who used teeth like semi-precious stones, and now there’s Le Knockout, a company geared toward the younger crowd. Creating gold molds out of children’s baby teeth, you can also get the pendants engraved or encrusted with jewels. Wait ’til Damien Hirst gets a load of this—we bet he’s already designing some million-dollar diamond tooth sculpture.

What do you think? A look you could bite into? [DailyCandy] Keep reading »

Teeth Are The New Semi-Precious Stones

If Australian jewelry designer Polly Van der Glas has any say, your chompers will be hanging from the neck of every cool girl around town. (God, I hope not.) Personally, I’m a bit creeped out by the designs, but all of her work is handmade in Melbourne, with sterling silver, human hair and human teeth. Teeth, FYI, are apparently quite rare, as Polly says: “Teeth are particularly difficult to come by, so any donations are gratefully accepted.” Getting your wisdom teeth pulled anytime soon? Looking for a new necklace? Check out more of her toothy designs (and her human hair jewelry), after the jump! Keep reading »

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