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Teen Blogger Face-Off: Tavi Vs. Lourdes

For quite some time, Tavi’s reign as Queen Of The Mini Bloggers went largely unchallenged. Now, however, she’s got fierce competition in the form of Madonna progeny Lourdes, who’s taken to the net like a fish to water. So now, obviously, it’s time for a round of Teen Blogger Face-Off. May the best pint-sized soon-to-be fashion icon win! Keep reading »

A Peek At Tavi’s Life Behind The Blog

While the Tavi obsession may have started with the amazement of seeing a wee little thing write so intelligently about fashion, we have to admit that her snowballing popularity is now due, in part, to the fascination with what a teen blogger’s life is like. A veritable celebrity, the gossip coverage on Tavi’s outfits and whereabouts seems to have become even more popular than her blog itself. With fame comes the more plaguing questions: What’s Tavi really like? Is she the most popular girl in school? Are her parents freaked out? Has her ego changed with fame? Who is she dating? What are her diet secrets? (Kidding, kidding!)

As nearly every fashion media outlet has been stalking the teen blogger at NYC Fashion Week (including us), we’re starting to piece a bit more together. Keep reading »

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