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6 Must-Have Fashion Apps For The iPad

Not to sound like a whiny brat, but the Gilt app for the iPhone kind of disappoints. They meant well, but the small screen means it’s hard to pass judgment on tiny frocks under all that limited time offer pressure. Blessedly, a handful of iPad apps have swooped in to solve challenging First World issues like these with their awesomeness in the arena of style. (Of course, you need an iPad to start with, but I digress … ) Check out our favorites, after the jump. Keep reading »

The Weather(wo)man’s New Uniform: Climate-Activated Gowns

Mild and sunny, you say, Mr. Weatherman? Huh, that’s funny. Have you looked out the window? Because it happens to be raining.

Weather reports can be as reliable as that promised “check-in” call from your boyfriend. So, who do you trust when it comes to dressing weather-appropriate? What if your clothes were your trusty weather report source? That’s the concept behind Valérie Lamontagne’s three-piece gown collection. (Side note: because clearly, we here at the Frisky wear ball gowns to work every day.) Each garment monitors climate changes and then manifests the weather data through fashionable features. The blue Sky Dress, for example, inflates with an increase in clouds and vibrates when sensing precipitation. The gold-toned Sun Dress is woven with over 100 LED lights that illuminate when the sun is out or flash to alert high UV rays. The Moon Dress comes with color-changing flowers that indicate the movement of the moon.

But what happens when you find your Moon Dress vibrating and you’re without an umbrella? Or your Sun Dress goes dark but you have no sweater? Fairy Godmother to the rescue? Check out some close-ups after the jump. [Fashioning Technology] Keep reading »

Got Acne? There’s An App For That (Almost)

In a time not very far away, your iPhone will be able to clear up your acne and help with wrinkles. Really. According to UK’s The Sun, Dr. Greg Pearson is developing an app that he claims will improve people’s skin by shining a special light on your face while you chat on the phone. The light is supposed to kill off bacteria and promote collagen growth. While it sounds like it could be a reasonable plan—derms have been using light technology for a while now to help acne plagued patients—I’ll believe it when I see it! [The Sun] Keep reading »

Blow On This Dress And Make A Wish

Remember that whole LED dress moment? OK, so here’s an outfit you’ll never find me in, but I have to admit it’s pretty cool. Stijn Ossevoort designed this dress to look like dandelions, but the designer took the creativity one step further: Stijn decided to take the associated motion of blowing seeds and use it in a new way. As you blow against the dress (um, heh), little light bulbs flash where the seeds would be on a real plant. Get it? Just like a real dandelion? It’s kind of precious in the nerdiest way possible. [Gizmodo] Keep reading »

Bad Invention: Wi-Fi Blocking Paint

Boo to anyone who, like myself, totally mooches wireless from their neighbors. Scientists at Tokyo University have created a paint that will block wi-fi signals, thanks to aluminum-iron oxide particles which resonate at the same frequency. In other words, if your neighbor uses the paint, your little “arrangement” is dunzo. In better news: you can use it for yourself and you won’t have to worry about security breaches from the internet whiz down the hall. Cool new invention or disaster? [Tech Yahoo] Keep reading »

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