tech update

So, About That Malware Warning…

Hey there! So yesterday, as I’m sure you noticed, there was a big ol’ mean-looking malware warning on The Frisky, urging you not to proceed lest you run the risk of your computer catching a virus. Our tech team was actually able to remove all the malware rather swiftly — by 11 a.m. EST –… More »

Welcome To The New(ish) Frisky!

So, as I mentioned on Tuesday morning, The Frisky has undergone a little bit of a new look. Not a full facelift, of course, but a bit of Botox that we believe will make our 3.5-year-old site run faster, easier to use, and more fun to read. For the last few months, our fabulous tech… More »

A Quick Technical Note

Oh hi there. Things look a wee bit different around here don’t they? As of today, The Frisky has relaunched with a new look. We are working out a number of tech issues right now and will be back to publishing on our normal schedule in a few hours. Thank you for your patience! … More »

Tech Update: Commenting Almost Back To Normal!

Let me start off by saying how much I appreciate your patience. I know that over the last few months, our tech issues have been varied and vast, for reasons I can’t explain because A) I don’t entirely understand them because I have a silly liberal arts degree and B) it would take too long. More »