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So, About That Malware Warning…

Hey there! So yesterday, as I’m sure you noticed, there was a big ol’ mean-looking malware warning on The Frisky, urging you not to proceed lest you run the risk of your computer catching a virus. Our tech team was actually able to remove all the malware rather swiftly — by 11 a.m. EST — but it took Google until laaaaaate last night to remove the warning. We’ve put extra security measures in place and tech is looking into what happened to ensure that this doesn’t occur again. (Personally, I think either the Church of Scientology, “men’s rights activists,” or Julia Allison is the culprit. Or all three working together!) I wanted to assure everyone that we take things like thisĀ very seriously. I ate an entire carton of ice cream in frustration last night. So seriously, thanks for your patience yesterday!

Welcome To The New(ish) Frisky!

So, as I mentioned on Tuesday morning, The Frisky has undergone a little bit of a new look. Not a full facelift, of course, but a bit of Botox that we believe will make our 3.5-year-old site run faster, easier to use, and more fun to read. For the last few months, our fabulous tech team in LA has been working hard on migrating The Frisky from our old blogging platform to WordPress and pimping it out with a whole bunch of custom-designed features. I know that change takes some adjustment — and there are still a few kinks to work out — but like a great new haircut, we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do. Thanks again for all of your patience, loyalty, and support — it means so much to us.

A Quick Technical Note

Oh hi there. Things look a wee bit different around here don’t they? As of today, The Frisky has relaunched with a new look. We are working out a number of tech issues right now and will be back to publishing on our normal schedule in a few hours. Thank you for your patience!

Tech Update: Commenting Almost Back To Normal!

Let me start off by saying how much I appreciate your patience. I know that over the last few months, our tech issues have been varied and vast, for reasons I can’t explain because A) I don’t entirely understand them because I have a silly liberal arts degree and B) it would take too long. But I can report good news and that is that we’ve ironed out most of the issues associated with Disqus, our new commenting system. Comments are now appearing under their correct threads. While the posts still aren’t counting how many comments they’ve gotten — we’re hoping to have that fixed shortly — you can comment and your comment will show up where it’s supposed to, as opposed to under some unrelated post. (If you see otherwise, please let me know!) In the process of fixing the bugs, we did lose some comments left over the last few days and for that we offer our apologies. If you encounter any further problems with Disqus, feel free to leave a comment under this post or {encode=”amelia@thefrisky.com” title=”email me”} directly. Thank you! Keep reading »

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