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RIP Society: “Lifeblogging Camera” Documents Every Moment Of Your Day

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Do your arms get tired from lifting your DSLR to take artfully staged photos of every meal? Do you live in fear that you’ll miss the chance to capture a perfectly picturesque moment while brushing your teeth? Does Instagram not feel quite instant enough? No need to fear: the Memoto “lifeblogging camera” is here to save (and obsessively document) the day! What is a lifeblogging camera? Well, it’s a tiny, weatherproof device that clips onto your shirt, automatically snapping a photo every 30 seconds, for a total of 1,440 pictures in a 12-hour day, that are then streamed to a separate website where you can view them in a timeline… Keep reading »

People Spent 1 Billion Hours Watching Netflix Last Month; What Were You Watching?

Sometimes I feel like everyone in the world is leading a more exciting life than I am, and then Netflix announces that online viewing surpassed 1 billion hours in June, and I realize that we all spend the majority of our lives watching “Law & Order: SVU” marathons in bed, and I feel so much better about myself. Seriously though, one billion hours–what a daunting figure. Could we have cured cancer and stopped global warming and eradicated LMFAO in that time? Most likely, but come on, our dedication to online media has yielded impressive returns in the form of brilliant Ron Swanson quotes and heated “Game of Thrones” discussions at otherwise lighthearted social events.

Tell us: how many hours did you contribute to this milestone? Did you discover any amazing new shows or movies last month that we should be adding to our queues? After all, we’ve gotta buckle down if we want to hit 2 billion hours this month! [The Atlantic]

How To Turn Your Pinterest Page Into An Online Store

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I use Pinterest as a visual wishlist of the products I’d love to buy if I had a little extra cash–everything from shoes to clothes to makeup to home decor–and I’ve bought a number of products after seeing them pop up on my Pinterest homepage. This is why I’m both intrigued and excited about a new program called Shopinterest that allows you to turn a Pinterest board into an online store. Here’s how it works…

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Only 16 Percent Of Your Friends Are Seeing Your Clever Status Updates

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Bad news, status update wordsmiths and chronic oversharers: turns out the average Facebook post is only seen by 16% of your friend list. A few factors contribute to this number, including the simple fact that it’s unlikely for all of your friends to be online at the same time and the newsfeed is constantly updating. More interesting, though, is the complex and mysterious algorithm Facebook uses to rank updates by relevance and importance. That post about the salad you had for lunch, for example, might not make it onto most of your friends’ newsfeeds. Says Facebook’s Director of Product Marketing Brian Boland: “There are pieces of content you create that are interesting, and there’s some that are not.” Here’s what I know for sure: 16 percent of my friends are in for some brilliant material about the grilled chicken wrap I just ate. [TechCrunch]

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