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Oh Hi, We’re Having Tech Issues, Allow Me Explain…

…as best I can, anyway. Basically, starting Wednesday, we haven’t been able to upload¬†new¬†images. It’s a company-wide problem, and has something to do with our attached network storage being, um, full or something. Not sure how that happened, all I know is that it’s not my fault! Anyway, we’re trying to post what we can using images that were previously uploaded (like this photo of an angry woman!), which is actually more difficult than you’d expect. Until it’s fixed (today, hopefully), please be patient with us. I’ve already had, like, four anxiety attacks this morning.

Tech Update: Commenting Issues To Be Resolved Soon (Hopefully!)

Hi all! Lucca is napping — soooo lazy — so I’m posting this tech update. This is our first day using Disqus as a commenting platform — as I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are some bugs, most notably that all comments are appearing on all posts. Our tech team is working with Disqus on resolving this — and other issues — and hopefully everything will be running smoothly soon. In the end, we think you’ll find Disqus a pleasure to use. Thanks for your patience! Keep reading »

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