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Doing Your Taxes Can Be Very Sexually Rewarding

Your taxes have to be postmarked with today’s date unless you filed for an extension, and we really hope you didn’t forget! If you were good and got them all done, reward yourself with a trip to Babeland. The classy sex shop with stores in Seattle and New York is giving away free Gold Digger vibrators to the first 100 people who come to their stores and tell them they filed their tax returns, as well as a 10 percent discount in stores and online for everyone. So, give your money to the government, and then bail out your sex life from its recession (without sleeping with your tax man). Keep reading »

From Strip Clubs To Hotel Beds: The Lay Of Sex Laws

You can take our dignity but not our porn! New York’s Governor Paterson is pitching new taxes to help the state’s $14 billion budget deficit. Among them: a $10 tax for strip club patrons and tax on Internet downloads for web porn. Similarly, Texas pols want to place a $5 “pole tax” which was struck down as unconstitutional by a state judge. Oh yeah, the forgotten “right to bare boobs.” Most of these skin taxes have stalled because of conflicts with the First Amendment. No porno, no peace! After the jump, other laws striving to cash in on sex… Keep reading »

The Last 31 Days Of 2008: Buy Something You Can Write Off On April 15

There’s only 16 days left in 2008 and 120 days left until you absolutely HAVE TO pay taxes. That’s why you should make any big purchases, which can be written off, before the end of the year — for example, I seriously need a computer at home so I don’t have to tote my laptop home every evening. If I hit up the Mac store and buy it before December 31, I’ll be able to write it off on my taxes when I file on April 15. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the economy is in shambles and a computer is a big purchase, but if you need something anyway, you should buy it now so you can benefit financially, at least a little, in 2009.

See all the ways to make the most of the last 31 days of 2008 here. Keep reading »

If Men Can Write-Off NFL Tickets, Women Should Be Allowed To Write-Off Shoe Shopping

Men have long written-off tickets to professional sports events and rounds of golf as business expenses, because, people have said, it’s important to develop relationships outside the office so clients and colleagues will be more comfortable and willing to actually do business with you. If you’re a woman in business who doesn’t golf or enjoy watching men pummel each other, you’re kind of out of luck, aren’t you? If you do business with other women, maybe not. An article from New Jersey’s Star-Ledger suggests that maybe women should be allowed to write-off outings that help them forge relationships, like the Macy’s shoe department. Unfortunately the IRS doesn’t like it when you deduct any business meeting where there are “substantial distractions,” but we’re hoping they come to their senses and realize that important deals can go down in places wherever females can bond, even if there are fabulous Jimmy Choos present. Keep reading »

Boo! Hiss! It’s April 15th!

Oh, Tax Day. How do we loathe you? So, yeah, ladies, don’t forget to file today. I either love filing my taxes because I’m getting money back or I despise it because I owe a ton. In a perfect world, what would you like your tax dollars to go to? I personally would love for tampons and birth control to be totally free, because it’s not our fault that our ovaries do what they do. [TurboTax] Keep reading »

Did The Citizens of New York Pay To Protect Rudy Giuliani’s Affair?

It sure seems that way. The Politico reports that during the period of time when Rudy Giuliani allegedly struck up an extra-marital affair with future wife Judith Nathan, he billed obscure city agencies for tens of thousands of dollars in extra security — security which seems to have been used to ensure the then-mayor’s…ahem…privacy while he was wooing Judith in the Hamptons. Scandal like this always brings to mind the hullabaloo over Clinton’s dalliance with Monica Lewinsky and his subsequent lie about it. (“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”) While some had a serious problem with Clinton’s philandering, others were simply turned off by the fact that he would lie about it while under oath. But how does this political/sexual scandal rate on your meter? Do you have a problem voting for a candidate who has cheated? Do you not care what happens in a candidates personal life so long as they’re a solid leader? Or does any impropriety — cheating, lying, misuse of city funds — affect your ability to vote for a candidate? Discuss how you feel about Giuliani’s shady dealings after the jump! [The Politico] Keep reading »

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