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Tavi’s Open Letter To Seventeen Magazine Over Its “Fat & Ugly” Cover Line

Prodigious pint-sized blogger Tavi has lept on the Seventeen magazine bashing bandwagon. And for good reason: The 13-year-old penned an open letter to Seventeen on her blog, The Style Rookie, over a downright evil cover line on its June/July 2010 issue, “The Party Drug That Can Make You Fat & Ugly.” Fat and ugly? Yeah, Seventeen went there.

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Tavi On Set

Team Tavi: A behind-the-scenes shot of Tavi as she styles her first fashion shoot for BlackBook. Looks like she impressed editors: “Not only did she handpick some of the best looks of the fall season, Tavi also knew her style stuff inside and out. She spoke with the wisdom of a 40-year-old fashion veteran, illustrating a conversation with an example of how thefFall 2010 Louis Vuitton collection rehashed the shift toward dressing a curvier form.” Tavi wins. Again. [BlackBook] Keep reading »

Tavi The Professional Prepares For BlackBook Shoot With Mood Boards

The way things are going, it seems almost condescending to still refer to Tavi as a fashion blogger. The teen is really more of a professional these days, and is scoring paid gigs that most grown-up fashion industry workers would kill to have. For her latest project, Tavi is styling a shoot for BlackBook‘s September issue (September!) that was originally supposed to be modeled by Chloe Sevigny (Chloe Sevigny!). Unfortunately, Chloe had to drop out, and they found a replacement. Above are some of Tavi’s mood boards, which she brought to the BlackBook offices to show to editors pre-shoot. Hey! Those kinda look like our own teenage scrapbooks. So … we could have totally been fashion editors at 2 years old, right?

Naturally, however, Tavi’s got some real skills and insider industry knowledge. (We love this: When BlackBook editors apologize for the state of their fashion closet, saying, “This isn’t like the Vogue closet,” Tavi says, “Nothing is like the Vogue closet.”) We’ll be waiting for September to see the final product! [BlackBook] Keep reading »

Terry Richardson Sparks Controversy Again And Tavi Retaliates

Terry Richardson strikes again with a new scandal. The fashion photographer is causing an uproar with a particularly insane shoot just published in art mag The Journal. Taking things to a new level of creepiness, the cover features a naked young girl (as if we had to say it) getting her nipples tweaked. Other pics include a close-up of her vagina with a flower inserted in it and a grinning Richardson smiling at the camera as he poses between her legs. (If you want to see the extremely NSFW images, Google it.) We’re struggling to imagine exactly how Richardson managed to convince this girl to stick a flower inside of her—like, how does that come about organically in a photo shoot? “OK, model, show me sexy, show me angry, now pretend you’re a tiger, you’re a lion, the camera loves you … now, stick this flower in your vag, you’re a garden, you’re the earth … ” Keep reading »

Tavi Delivers The Goods: Vintage Sassy Porn

Yeah, yeah, yeah—so apparently Tavi‘s blog got shut down for a hot second yesterday after she posted some racy fashion pics. She was back up and running in no time with an apology from Google explaining that she had triggered automatic filters. Nevertheless, the internets freaked out over the scandal. As for us, the better story is what Tavi has up today: photos of old Sassy magazine issues, gifted to her by a generous reader. (Lucky!)

Indulge in some nostalgic Sassy porn by checking out some more highlights on Tavi’s blog; after the jump, our favorite images. [Style Rookie] Keep reading »

A Peek At Tavi’s Life Behind The Blog

While the Tavi obsession may have started with the amazement of seeing a wee little thing write so intelligently about fashion, we have to admit that her snowballing popularity is now due, in part, to the fascination with what a teen blogger’s life is like. A veritable celebrity, the gossip coverage on Tavi’s outfits and whereabouts seems to have become even more popular than her blog itself. With fame comes the more plaguing questions: What’s Tavi really like? Is she the most popular girl in school? Are her parents freaked out? Has her ego changed with fame? Who is she dating? What are her diet secrets? (Kidding, kidding!)

As nearly every fashion media outlet has been stalking the teen blogger at NYC Fashion Week (including us), we’re starting to piece a bit more together. Keep reading »

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