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Frisky Q&A: Taryn Manning Talks About Playing “Radically Unapologetic,” “Bible-Thumping Freakazoid” Pennsatucky On “Orange Is The New Black”

Frisky Q&A: Taryn Manning Talks About Playing "Radically Unapologetic," "Bible-Thumping Freakazoid" Pennsatucky On "Orange Is The New Black"
Q&A: Laverne Cox
interview Laverne Cox Orange Is The New Black
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Like many of you, one of my favorite new shows from the last year is Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black,” based on the memoir of the same name (by Piper Kermen) that I read a couple of years ago. While I enjoyed the book, I love that the show has become a vehicle for tellingĀ allĀ the prisoners’ stories, not just the main protagonist’s, and as a result, I think it’s one of the most successful character-driven narratives on the small screen. All of the characters are interesting and engaging to watch, so it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I have been totally fascinated by Pennsatucky, the meth-addicted Christian evangelist played by Taryn Manning. Last week, I got a chance to sit down for a few minutes with Manning at an event honoring beauty industry icon Beth Minardi (who gave Taryn that awesome shade of auburn in the photo above), and she gave me further insight into what makes Pennsatucky tick. Check out Q&A after the jump! Keep reading »

This Post Is For That One Person At Book Club Who Never Finishes The Book

Taryn Manning book club mafia
I Totally Read "Gone Girl," What Are You Talking About?
Book Club Rules
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When I was in a book club, I only finished the chosen books about half the time. So I feel you, Taryn Manning (yup, Pennsatucky from “Orange Is The New Black”). I really feel you. But your mistake was lying about that shit. [Funny Or Die]

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