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12 Celebs We Love To Hate (And Hate To Love)

This is my life: after every major awards show, I lie awake contemplating my feelings toward Taylor Swift. What we have is a love/hate relationship of epic proportions, that leaves me fighting an inner battle every time I see her on television. Do I cheer? Hiss? Pre-order her next album? Most of the time I just watch her with awe, annoyed that I’m so compelled by someone who bothers me so much. But she’s not the only celebrity who leaves me with conflicted feelings. Here’s a whole gaggle of stars we love to hate (and hate to love).

Tanning Mom May Be Single, But She Sure Is Fabulous

Tanning Mom’s not going to let a silly, little thing like a divorce get in her way of being fabulous. Patty K showed that single is sassy during a recent impromptu photo shoot for the paps. Allegedly she was on the way to the plastic surgeon’s office where she might have gotten her nose done. I was so busy looking at her nipples that I didn’t even notice her nose.

Now that she’s back on the market, I hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of the braless beauty working the catwalk…if only in her mind. Click through to see some of Tanning Mom’s most sultry, single gal poses.

[Photos: PCN]

Watch Scenes From Tanning Mom’s Gay Porn! (SFW)

Watch Scenes From Tanning Mom's Gay Porn! (SFW)
Behind the scenes of Tanning Mom's porn debut

This behind-the-scenes look at Tanning Mom on the set of “Kings of New York 2,” that gay porn she starred in. Based on what we see here, it was an excellent idea for her to go to rehab. I’m glad that she’s a sober, lifestyle blogger now, but it’s fun to reminisce about her wild days, when she got wasted at a drag show and fell on the red carpet or when she played a spray-tanning prostitute/receptionist in a gay porn. Sober or not, it’s a real pleasure to watch her work. I’m sorry, but this is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. It’s safe for work — if you don’t count the multiple f-bombs Tanning Mom drops. [Buzzfeed]

Tanning Mom Sex Tape
She wants to make one, but no one is biting. Read More »
Tanning Mom In Rehab
anatomy of an amazing news story
With Michael Lohan! Read More »
Tanning Mom's Song
"It's Tan Mom" is going to be a hit. Read More »

6 Things I Learned About Tanning Mom From Her New Blog!

I can just retire from the internet now because Tanning Mom has launched a Tumblr, Tips From Tan Mom. I don’t know if it’s tips as much as  a showcase of her new sober lifestyle and a vehicle to promote her music and film career. Hey, she probably has a lot more free time on her hands now that she’s not spending hours in the tanning bed or trying to get a porno flick produced. Why shouldn’t she spend the days (when she’s not on set or in the recording studio) making manicotti, working on woodcraft or taking the kids to the park. Yes, please. More, more, more! Below, a few of my favorite discoveries about my muse from her new blog. Keep reading »

You Know You Wanna Watch Tanning Mom’s New Music Video “Life Of The Party”

Tanning Mom Gay Porn
Tanning Mom gets her first part in a gay porn. Read More »
Tanning Mom In Rehab
anatomy of an amazing news story
With Michael Lohan! Read More »
Tanning Mom's Song
"It's Tan Mom" is going to be a hit. Read More »
You Know You Wanna Watch Tanning Mom's New Music Video "Life Of The Party"
Let her be the life of your party

Maybe the rest of you are over Tanning Mom. I’m still way up in Patricia Krentcil’s blonde weave. She is and always will be the life of my party. Her latest single “Life of the Party” featuring Adam Barta does not disappoint. Please enjoy Tanning Mom making out with a drag queen, seductively eating a Pop Tart, singing about going to rehab with Michael Lohan and wearing an ill-fitting thong. Also, there’s a talking dog. Live it. Love it. Tanning Mom. [The Hollywood Gossip]

The Tannest People In The World

We get that having a tan can feel good, especially in the summer.  But most of us don’t understand Tanning Mom’s desire to obtain that leathery shade of brown. And then there are others for whom Patricia Krentcil is a tanning icon.

Trish Paytas — you might remember her from an episode of “My Strange Addiction” – doesn’t get why everyone is attacking Tanning Mom.  “I don’t know why people were making such a fuss — [Tanning Mom's] a beautiful color. Her tan would look great on me,” said the 24-year-old lingerie model who spends about $40,000 a year to get her skin that color. We beg to differ. Keep reading »

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