Taiwan could be first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage

Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen supports same-sex marriage. The future looks bright, and love just may win.

Bené Viera | November 18, 2016 - 2:58 pm

This Taiwanese woman eating a pork bun in the middle of a typhoon is doing life right

You shouldn’t let a little thing like a natural disaster stop you from chowing down on some delicious food.

Lauren Holter | September 29, 2016 - 3:12 pm

Taiwanese McDonald’s Is Boycotted After Ad of Son Coming Out to His Dad Is Released

A new McDonald’s commercial in Taiwan called “Acceptance” has rocked some homophobic customers who can’t handle the sweet message of a young man coming out as gay to his father…

Katrin Higher | March 12, 2016 - 4:00 pm

Taiwan Elects Its First Female President

Tsai Ing-wen, the leader of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won the victory in Taiwan’s presidential election on Saturday becoming the sovereign nation’s first female leader.

She has…

Katrin Higher | January 16, 2016 - 2:00 pm

Taiwan Is Featuring A Porn Star On Their Transit Cards

Taipei’s public transit system will be featuring a popular Japanese porn star on a set of limited-edition fare cards. Can the Chicago Ventra system borrow this branding model?

Rebecca Vipond Brink | August 31, 2015 - 2:05 pm

Ouch: This Kid Punched A Hole Through A Rare 17th-Century Italian Master

Oh, owww: This video shows a 12-year-old boy at an exhibition of Italian masters in Taiwan, losing his balance at a crucial moment, tipping over, putting his hands out to

Rebecca Vipond Brink | August 25, 2015 - 11:00 am

Taiwanese Dog Grooming Trend Gives Pooches Perfectly Square Or Round Heads

A new incredible grooming trend has started among the pet groomers of Taiwan, and I for one am digging it very hard.

The internet animal photo world, much…

Katrin Higher | April 26, 2015 - 9:25 am

Can You Handle All The Pink At The Barbie Cafe?

In America we’ve got Build-A-Bear and American Girl Stores to indulge your inner child and/or eavesdrop on temper tantrums. Taipei, Taiwan, one-ups us in the girliest way possible with its…

Jessica Wakeman | February 3, 2013 - 3:00 pm

Taiwan’s Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital

Hello Baby! Just when you thought the Hello Kitty craze couldn’t go any further … oh, yes, they really went there this time. Case in point: the Hello Kitty maternity…

Leonora Epstein | September 14, 2009 - 12:10 pm

Online Dating Is A Lot More Strict In Asia

American dating websites have all sorts of riffraff on them. Students! Unemployed artists! Freelance writers! But if you lived in Taiwan or China you wouldn’t have to worry about meeting…

Catherine Strawn | December 19, 2007 - 2:31 pm