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Fashion Designer Sylvie Cachay Suffers Tragic Death

Sad news: Sylvie Cachay, the designer behind swimwear line SYLVA, was found dead yesterday in a hotel room at the Soho House, a swank members-only hangout in Manhattan’s meatpacking district. The sad scenario sounds either highly suspicious or the making of a bad accident—the 33-year-old woman was discovered submerged in the room’s bathtub. Her body showed some bruises, which police are trying to identify the causes of (strangling, for example). She had checked into the room with her younger boyfriend, who had been described as a deadbeat with a hard partying side. The couple had apparently been fighting or had just broken up before her death. He was not in the room when Cachay was found and denies any connection with the death.

A tragic loss for the fashion world. Cachay was a rising star who was getting attention at Fashion Week for her luxe swimwear designs. [New York Daily News] Keep reading »

Marie Claire Takes The Canadian Tuxedo To The Beach

As though the Canadian Tuxedo weren’t already a terrible choice, Marie Claire has decided that the trampy bikini version is fashionable. Here’s our biggest problem with this cover: people read magazines like Marie Claire for fashion ideas. Are we mere weeks away from an army of denim-swimwear-clad women teetering around on the sand in heels? Please no… [Fashion Indie] Keep reading »

10 Big Swimsuit Faux Pas

We love summer as much as the next group of bikini-clad girls, but there are a few things that make us fear the beach every year. Swimsuits that look more like dental floss, for example. Those things are terrifying. I don’t need to see your entire rear and 9/10 of your chesticles, lady, so why must you force me to check out the girls? Avoid these 10 swimsuit faux pas and revel in the glory of not eye-assaulting your fellow beach goers. Keep reading »

BareLifts: Solution For Swimsuit Cleavage Dilemmas

A few days ago, I posted a “Worth The Splurge” suggestion of a Zimmerman corset swimsuit that I had fallen in love with. Readers, I should have listened to you when you told me, “All I can think of when I look at this suit is how quickly a nip slip is going to happen. The second you get in the water, that suit is going down.” My suit came today, and I should have known to order a size up because of my extra large boobs. The cups fit OK, but they’re not really holding up my breasts. This, however, is a problem I (and other D-cup ladies) have with a lot of swimsuits. So, before I give up, there’s one last thing to try: BareLifts. There are several of bra-less sticker products out there; however, the adhesives on BareLifts are waterproof, so you can wear them under a bikini or one-piece. For those of you out there with larger breasts who have never been able to pull off a string triangle top, you might want to give these doo-dads a try. [$10, BareLifts]
Keep reading »

Worth The Splurge: Zimmerman’s Thorn Corset Swimsuit

I generally don’t do bikinis. And it’s for the same reason I don’t do two-pieces that I hate overtly sexy one-pieces. I just don’t like to draw attention to my body in an incredibly obvious way, whether it’s with a super-low neckline, gold bling, or cutouts all around my torso. Then, this Zimmerman swimsuit won me over. I love how the front is plain but obviously sports excellent construction with the built-in boning and real hold-the-girls-in bra cups. The corset-like back is just enough to make the design extra special. True, it might seem a bit ridiculous to spend over $200 on a bathing suit, but for one that’s so timeless and well-made, I’d happily put down, then wear it summer after summer. [$230, Net-A-Porter.com] Keep reading »

Lorenzo Martone Tries His Hand At Swimwear

Marc Jacobs seems to be rubbing off on his adorable significant other, Lorenzo Martone, who’s decided to give clothing design a shot. Having spent years working on fashion brands at advertising agency Chandelier Creative, Martone’s no stranger to style and creativity, but the swimwear line he’s creating with jewelry designer Jules Kim is his first go at designing. The label, Nycked, is said to be inspired by Brazil, and it allegedly involves sequins, lacing, and rather large bows. Pics aren’t out yet, but we’re curious to see where this goes. [Elle UK] Keep reading »

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