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Macaroons That Make Everything Better

Chocolate for Health
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When a major natural disaster strikes, you start thinking about what’s important to you. As my boyfriend braved the wind and rain to go out and gather supplies for us, I had just one request — no, not water, or flash lights or batteries. I just really needed some Emmy’s Organics Dark Cacao macaroons, please. Vegan, raw and gluten-free, Emmy’s makes macaroons in seven signature flavors, including Lemon Ginger, Chai Spice, Vanilla Coconut and Chocolate Chili. All of them are yummy, and relatively not-so-bad for you. Plus, they’re the perfect snack for stormy weather. Ply me with sweet, delicious coconut-y macaroons, and I can get through anything. [$2.95 for a bag of three, Emmy’s Organics]

Put It In My Mouth: Candy Corn Oreos

Look, I know I said I’m vegan and all, but damn if these Candy Corn Oreos are not the most wonderful invention in the world. I used to eat candy corn until I was sick from it because my the sugar receptors in my body are broken or something. Anyway! These are real actual cookies that you can buy at the store and eat until you repulse yourself, so get on that, okay?

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