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Wear Suspenders Without The Guesswork

Lady Gaga proved Larry King isn’t the only one who can pull off suspenders. Even if you’re not a super geek or a trendy celebrity, these shoulder straps are an easy addition to your look. This Star Suspended Top from Forever 21 is a no-brainer because the suspenders are a trompe l’oeil illusion, which makes them convenient and comfortable.

[$12.80 Forever 21]

Jewelry Suspenders: One Way To Not Keep Your Pants Up

Oooh … jewelry suspenders! Interesting. We remember when suspenders had a moment a few years ago. Not that they were meant to be super functional then, but Bless’s take on the accessory as a piece of jewelry definitely is decidedly not about keeping your pants up. (Well, this version is made primarily of chain segments, but also has a bit of elastic, according to the description.) We can’t quite figure out this Bless design, but have a feeling it might actually be cute if styled the right way. As in, maybe even worn off the shoulders? What do you think of these strappy strands? [Ooga Booga] Keep reading »

Poll: Do Suspenders Work On Women, Or Are They Better Off In The Men’s Department?

Do Suspenders Work On Women, Or Are They Better Off In The Men's Department?

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Quick Pic: Not So Fast With The Thumbs Up, Ed Westwick

If any bloke could pull off snappy red suspenders, it’s you, Ed Westwick. But I’m sorry, you kinda look like a 50-year-old stockbroker. Nice try, “Gossip Girl” wardrobe department. [NYC, 6/29/09] Keep reading »

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