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8 Totally Fresh Sex Games To Try This Summer

It hit 90 degrees in many parts of the country this week. And that made us super horny and extremely lethargic at the same time. Sex is way less fun when you start sweating after 20 seconds. It just is. Your options are: crank the air conditioner and continue your same, stale bump ‘n’ grind or try some fresh sex games. We’re not Cosmo, so we’re not taking ourselves too seriously. We’re fully aware that covering your body with neon paint and dancing to club music while your partner uses the remote controlled We-Vibe on you, masturbating with your sprinkler system or using an Otter Pop as a dildo is ridiculous, but it also may be fun. How adventurous are you feeling? Check out our original summer sex games…

Sweaty Sex?
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