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All Hail The Sugar Mamas, Beyoncé’s 10-Piece All Female Backing Band

Beyonce Bowl
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Beyonce Sings!
beyonce national anthem
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"Check out the boss!"

I always find it maddening when people have the gall to critique a performer like Beyoncé, questioning her star power, or entertainment value, or (gasp!) singing voice. It’s akin to the flunky armchair quarterback, sitting at home saying he would have caught that pass. HA! I’d like to see you try. You absolutely cannot step to Beyonce or her singing abilities — and particularly her balls out Super Bowl halftime performance Sunday night. And you also can’t step to Bey’s backing band, the Sugar Mamas, who bring with them scads of musical experience and sweat equity in the biz. Keep reading »

The Daily Squeeze: Impotent Ostriches, British Taste, Lingerie Thieves, And Prudish Libraries

  • An ostrich named Gustav appears to have become impotent after fireworks were thrown at him. (Don’t judge. You would become impotent, too, if you had fireworks thrown at you.) Gustav has been unable to mate with his two female partners so he will have to be examined by an animal psychologist to see what exactly stopped his sex drive. [Cape Argus, South Africa]
  • Of 66,000 male members of a top British dating site who were surveyed, 54 percent said they won’t date a woman who earns more than $50,000. Guys, have you never dreamed of having a sugar mama? [ThisIsLondon.co.uk]
  • A 43-year-old man in Fort Collins, CO, who stole 1,300 women’s undergarments (we’re guessing this means bras, underwear, and other lingerie?) was sentenced on Monday to five years probation and mental health treatment. The undergarments came from at least 12 women. [9News.com]
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