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Would You Want Women-Only Subway Cars To Stop Sexual Harassment?

sexual harassment photo

I had a particularly delightful experience this morning while bounding down the subway steps into the station. A young man, probably about 20, was sitting on the bottom steps next to the handrail in the middle. As I clip-clopped down the stairs past him, he purposefully tilted his head around, focusing on my bare legs, and peered up my short, summery dress. On the train platform, I turned around to glare at him and he stared vacantly back at me, as if to say “Yeah?”, which was super-creepy. I walked down the platform, where I saw a cop, and told him that a guy sitting on the steps had looked up my dress and perhaps the cop might want to keep an eye on him. When I tried to point out where this creeper had been sitting, I saw he’d left.

So, I read with interest this morning that Seoul, South Korea, is looking to reintroduce female-only subway cars in its transportation system in September to fight sexual harassment and sexual assault. Keep reading »

Finding Love On The Subway

Whenever I ride the subway, I am surrounded by people I don’t know. And some of them are quite attractive. I never talk to them because they are too busy reading Wired and I am too busy listening to my iPod. But now I can try to find my heart’s desire on SubwayCrush.com, a missed-connections site for subway riders. I wonder whether people can actually recognize themselves in someone else’s description. Sadly, no one has posted their yearning for a brunette with curly hair riding the Q. [Via Gothamist] Keep reading »

We Missed Out: No Pants Subway Ride Day

Did you know that today is No Pants Subway Ride Day? Yeah, us neither. Our friend Nick filled us in:

More disappointment, after the jump… Keep reading »

Falling In Love On The A Train

The whole Patrick Moberg, nygirlofmydreams.com thing really got our hopes up about the possibility of meeting someone on public transportation. It would be such a good use of time since we’re on a bus or subway almost two whole hours every day. So we got really excited about this article in New York about four real couples who met on the subway. One of the couples kept running into each other before they got together but didn’t date for a couple years after they first saw each other on the subway: “Then, in 1999, I went to the laundry room of my building and she was there. I said, ‘What are you doing here?’ She said, ‘I live here. What are you doing here?’ Our first date was at the Museum of Natural History, and we eloped to Iceland in 2002.” Awwwwww. Maybe we’d have more luck if we actually took out our ear buds so people could start conversations with us. [New York] Keep reading »

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