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Pregnant Commuter Kept Track Of How Much You Suck At Giving Up Your Seat

Most of us would like to think that if we saw a pregnant, elderly or handicapped person on the train or subway, we would offer up our seat in a jiffy. But a nifty social experiment done on the New York City subway by Elizabeth Carey Smith of Brooklyn, New York, during her recent pregnancy found that while she was offered a seat the majority of the time, good manners were not guaranteed. Keep reading »

How Do You Handle A Pervert?

Last Saturday night, a 21-year-old New York City woman was waiting for the subway when she experienced a rather unwelcome advance: a pervy fellow subway rider grabbed her butt as he ran to catch a train. Thinking he had made a clean getaway, the perv jumped onto an oncoming train — but the victim followed him, snapped his photo with her cell phone, and sent it to the local media. The New York Daily News posted the pervert’s photo on their website, and one lucky reader identified the man as his neighbor, Javier Zempalteca. Zampalteca was arrested and charged with third-degree sexual assault, all thanks to a camera phone and the work of a diligent victim.

Most of us have faced street harassment and pervy behavior at one time or another, but how many of us would be as quick-thinking as this 21-year-old? Which got us thinking — how have you handled unwanted pervy advances? Share your tips and stories in the comments. [Gothamist] Keep reading »

5 Things That Happen If You Barf In A NYC Subway Car

There are three things any person, anywhere in the world, who uses the subway is deathly afraid of happening:

  1. The subway gets stuck underground while the mariachi band is inside your car.
  2. A crazy guy pulls a knife on you.
  3. You barf.

Most people will be lucky enough to never experience their public transportation worst nightmare. But not me. No, not me!

On Tuesday afternoon, thanks to a startling lack of common sense on my part, I went into the New York City subway system when I had food poisoning. Keep reading »

Is It Ever OK To Apply Makeup In Public?

I’m one of the lucky few who doesn’t have to deal with the hassle of a morning commute, and let me tell you, it’s amazing. But for those individuals who have to hop in a car or on the subway to make it to work in the morning, any spare time is a necessity. Suddenly small tasks like breakfast, phone calls, and makeup application turn into on-the-go procedures. I’ve seen it all — women using eye lash curlers while driving, mascara application through bumpy subway rides, and people chowing down on cereal bars or full meals underground. Well, Japan says no more! With a cute illustration, the country made it clear to subway riders than any makeup application is just not acceptable while in public. Keep the beauty routine in the bathroom, please. What do you think? Do you apply makeup in public or does it gross you out?

After the jump, another suggestion about what to avoid … Keep reading »

Caught On Tape: A 26-Year-Old Falls On Subway Tracks As A Train Arrives — And Lives!

Now, I’m not judging—who hasn’t been there?—but 26-year-old Sophia Hartdegen sure looked rip-roaring drunk when she fell off the platform and on to the Boston subway tracks on Friday night, just as a train appeared in the distance. Lucky for her, a Transportation Authority employee just happened to be on the platform too and called the subway driver, Charice Lewis. Lewis pulled the train’s emergency brake and it stopped just short of the station—literally inches from Hartdegen. Lewis told the CBS “Early Show” that she got out of the train cab, and thought, “Please God, let this woman be OK.” And she was. Hartdegen just smiled up at her. Totally how a sober person would react. [AP]
Keep reading »

NYC Abandons Plans To Stop Public Transit Pervs

While any woman who has ever ridden public transportation most likely has a story about some jerk who copped a feel or a shifty-eyed loser who made her switch cars, almost none of us come forward to complain about the creep. So back in March, Boston launched a campaign to bust pervs on public transportation. Working with the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, they posted subway ads encouraging woman to tell the authorities when they experience unwanted sexual advances on public transit and even policewomen went under cover to catch the cretins. Thanks to their efforts, Bostonians have begun to take action too and there has been a spike in reported cases. Mission accomplished! New York was supposed to following in their footsteps to curb a similar sexual harassment problem in the city, but before the ads were even posted, they were pulled. Keep reading »

Love Vandal: Public Transportation

This probably has less to do with someone showing their affection to “J” and more to do with a graffiti artist tagging the Q train in NYC, but it still looks pretty cool.

Have you seen graffiti that’s kind of sweet (even if it is against the law)? Send us a pic at tips@thefrisky.com. Keep reading »

Brave Female Cops Got Your Back

Female police officers working for the transit authority in Boston are going undercover to catch crooks red-handed… while the perps are grabbing them. These brave ladies in blue are allowing themselves to get sexually harassed at work to help nab gropers and rapists on public transportation. Go get ‘em girls! Over the past two years, 87 incidents of indecent assault and battery were reported, but the MBTA feels that women are afraid to come forward and complain about these types of attacks. So, they’re going after the bastards! Plus, the MBTA police are also joining forces with the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center to start an ad campaign to let victims know how, where, and what their options are for speaking up and taking a stand. While the subway “T” is part of many Bostonian’s daily grind, it shouldn’t come with unwanted bumps. Thank you for protecting our assets, we will now happily pay the fare hike. [The Boston Channel] Keep reading »

$200 Cash Is Not A Thoughtful Anniversary Gift

Last night on the subway I overheard a woman tell her friend that she had given her boyfriend $200 for their last anniversary and he hadn’t given her anything in return. While I felt really bad for her–it completely sucks when someone gives you a less fabulous present than you give them, so getting no present would be even suckier–I just couldn’t understand why she would have given him $200 instead of spending that money to buy a thoughtful gift. Personally, I would much rather have someone bring me Cheerios and orange juice in bed than get any amount of cash, but that’s just me.
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