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The 13 Weirdest SubReddits On Reddit

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Have you explored the weird world of Reddit yet? It’s a user-generated website where anybody can post about virtually anything they want. It is a colossal internet timewaster. And to make it (theoretically) more easy to navigate and find others with totally obscure interests like you, the site is divided into thousands of “SubReddits,” which are basically special interest pages where users can post about and discuss  a particular topic. Given that it’s a democratic internet free-for-all, there’s tons of nasty, gross, porn-y things on Reddit. But there are also some total bizarro gems — SubReddits that reveal virtually everyone can find a kindred, likeminded soul online. We’ve combed through just a small corner of the stuff on Reddit, and found 13 of our favorite weird hidey-holes. Take a look, and let us know what SubReddits you love in the comments!

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