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Style Stealer: Olivia Palermo Is Black And White And Chic All Over

Style Stealer: Olivia Palermo Is Black And White And Chic All Over

Next time you wake up late and only have a few minutes to get ready for work, save time stressing over what to wear and just throw on your favorite black and white pieces. Like the outfit my favorite do-nothing socialite Olivia Palermo is rocking above, sticking with black and white is a guaranteed way to look at least a little pulled together, no matter how frazzled you might feel inside. I love how Olivia has layered a fitted honeycomb sweater over an oversized button-down and skinny tuxedo pants — the proportions are so flattering. Find out how to get the look above, after the jump!
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Style Stealer: Solange Layers Up For NYFW

Style Stealer: Solange Layers Up For NYFW

I love Beyonce, love her so much, but I’m pretty convinced that she’s not entirely human. Lil’ sis Solange, however, shares many of Bey’s awesome qualities — including her musical talent — but is somehow more accessible. I realize that in the context of basically saying that Bey is too perfect for words, it probably sounds like I’m dissing Solange, but I’m not. She is genuinely my favorite fully-human Knowles sister. She’s also been a huge influence on Bey’s personal style. Want to know what Bey might be wearing in a few months? Look to what trends Solange is rocking now. Speaking of which, I loved this look that Solange wore to a show at New York Fashion Week, layering a short-sleeved jeweled sweatshirt over a wild printed button-down, and then making the whole thing ladylike with the addition of a sleek pencil skirt and double breasted coat. Yup, flawless. Get the look after the jump! Keep reading »

Style Stealer: Dree Hemingway Rocks Peter Pilotto For Target (And So Can You!)

Style Stealer: Dree Hemingway Rocks Peter Pilotto For Target (And So Can You!)

If you haven’t heard of Dree Hemingway, you’ve certainly heard of her family … you know, mom Mariel and great-grandfather Ernest. But despite the Hollywood and literary genes, which she could outfit in nothing but highend designer threads 24/7, Dree still appreciates a bargain, wearing a crop top and skirt from Peter Pilotto’s collab with Target to a recent event. The line just hit stores, which means you can score, uh, 66.33 percent of her exact outfit — plus some cool heeled loafers to top the whole thing off. Get the details, after the jump! Keep reading »

Style Stealer: Vanessa Hudgens Rocks The Socks

Vanessa Hudgens Style Stealer

I’d barely finished my ode to over-the-knee socks when I spotted Vanessa Hudgens in this 90s-tastic little outfit. So cute, right? I tracked down Vanessa’s exact daisy print dress (for 80 bucks!), along with everything else you’ll need to recreate this look. Just add my favorite over-the-knee socks in “bark” and you’ll have Vanessa’s style stolen so accurately you might be able to get a job as her shopping double. Get all the details after the jump! Keep reading »

Style Stealer: Reese Witherspoon’s Floral Skater Skirt & Fab Fedora

Style Stealer: Reese Witherspoon's Floral Skater Skirt & Fab Fedora

I’ll be honest. I’m kind of over fedoras. I mean, I have been over them for dudes since day one (though a lifetime exception is made for Mr. Justin Timberlake), but I was down with the trend for the ladies earlier this fall. Reese Witherspoon is still a fan, however, and has paired hers with a cute floral skater skirt, slouchy sweater and booties. You can feel free to do the same when replicating this outfit, or ditch the fedora in favor of whatever you think the next trend in headgear will be. Bowlers? Mouse ears? A snood? Ugh, wait, not a snood. Anyway, get the details on how to steal Reese’s steez, after the jump!
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Style Stealer: Jessica Alba’s Fierce Tiger Sweatshirt & Leather Midi

Style Stealer: Jessica Alba's Fierce Tiger Sweatshirt & Leather Midi

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that one of my favorite recent trends has been the rise of the “fancy” sweatshirt, i.e. sweatshirts that are dressed/femmed up with statement necklaces, skirts and high heels. I am always psyched when a loungewear staple becomes suitable for work. One of the designers responsible for this trend is Kenzo, which makes the sweatshirt Jessica Alba is wearing above. Now, that fancy sweatshirt requires a fancy wallet with a whole lotta bills in it — seriously, Kenzo sweatshirts are over $300! — but luckily, the trend is so pervasive that I was able to find much more affordable tiger pullover, along with a faux leather skirt, statement necklace and sky-high hooties to complete the look. Get the details after the jump! Keep reading »

Style Stealer: January Jones Does Preppy In Her Own Way

January Jones Style Stealer

Maybe it’s the addition of the half-up-half-down hair, but January Jones’ whole look is my giving me middle school vibes. The oversized denim jacket and pink shirt have a vaguely ’80s, Molly Ringwald preppiness, while the skinny black jeans and sky-high pumps are modern and sexy. I will be copying this, head-to-toe, whenever this goddamn snow stops. Get the look after the jump! Keep reading »

Style Stealer: Jessica Simpson’s Poncho Moment

Jessica Simpson Poncho Style Stealer

I’ve been staring at this outfit for like 20 minutes trying to decide if it’s awful or amazing. I know that, like, 90 percent of the population is going to hate it, but there’s something about it that’s tickling my love for retro statement pieces, like fringed ponchos (please don’t ask why I consider Baja hoodies to be crimes against humanity but apparently have a soft spot in my heart for fringed ponchos). Anyway, if you’re one of the three other people on Earth who are kind of into this outfit, read on to get an affordable version of this look for yourself! Keep reading »

Style Stealer: Anna Kendrick’s Cool & Affordable Topshop Skater Dress

Anna Kendrick Style Stealer

I would like to first take this opportunity to shout out all the celebs who make Style Stealers easy for me to accomplish. It so rarely happens that an outfit I think seems easy to replicate for less actually turns out to be easy to replicate. In fact, those outfits I am the most sure will be simple to steal are often the ones I find myself spending three hours on. But when celebs like Anna Kendrick, above, wear an outfit composed of at least one affordable item currently available in stores, my job is really, legitimately made easier. To Anna and those like her, thank you for having style that is genuinely attainable. Find out how to get Anna’s look, including her rad Topshop skater dress, after the jump! Keep reading »

Style Stealer: Taylor Swift’s Typically Retro & Ladylike Look

Style Stealer: Taylor Swift's Typically Retro & Ladylike Look

Taylor Swift’s off-duty fashion sense always reminds me of what Sandra Dee from “Grease” would look like if she only went about halfway with her bad girl makeover. That’s a compliment, BTW, because Sandy was trying to change too much of who she was for her man, and looked awkward doing it. Maybe if she’d kept the preppy clothes and just added a little pop of red on her lips and feet, she would have felt more like a sexier version of herself. Or maybe she would have just felt like Taylor Swift, which would have been weird because Taylor didn’t exist yet. Anyhoo, excuse my time traveling movie/celeb wormhole! Find out how to get Taylor’s look, after the jump! Keep reading »

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