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Are Successful Fashion Bloggers All Trust-Funders?

Having your own fashion blog as your job seems kind of like one of those dream professions like modeling or acting where all you do all day is put together cute outfits and take pictures of yourself in them. The difference is that successful models get paid. A lot. That’s not so evident with independent fashion bloggers who might have a huge following but don’t seem to actually do much. They’ve got to have some money somewhere to be able to live like that, right? Recently, Susie Bubble had to confront this assumption after posting about a shopping spree on her blog, Style Bubble, where she disclosed the $338 (220 GBP) price of her Christopher Kane purchase. A reader got a bit curious, leaving the comment: “220 here, 220 there…how much money do you actually spend on clothes? and im not buyng the story…oh they are an investment, like some sort of fashion archive … how do you make money to afford to buy things like this and travel like you do.” Susie, slightly offended, retaliated, and detailed exactly how a fashion blogger supports herself … Keep reading »

Plagiarism Claims Start Drama In The Fashion Blogger World

Fashionista recently published a list of the “Most Influential Personal Style Bloggers,” which included people like Tavi and Jane from Sea of Shoes. The post accumulated several comments, many of which were your run-of-the-mill positive “great list!” quips. However, one commenter took issue with the website’s picks, stating: “I’ve noticed that some blogs with larger audiences (a number of which are included in Fashionista’s list) often appropriate content from smaller blogs like the ones in the paragraph above. While being inspired by others is par for the course, what’s disturbing is that some of these widely read blogs do not feel the need to cite their sources. By omission, these popular blogs will claim the original ideas of others as their own.” Keep reading »

Quick Pic: P.S. I Love Fashion

Everyone’s favorite fashion blogger, Susie Bubble of StyleBubble, is sending us over the moon with her postage-inspired dress. Here’s a super cute preview from Daydream Nation‘s A/W 09 collection titled “Letters to Paul.” The goods are inspired by correspondence of the brother/sister design duo’s father, so maybe snail mail will come back into fashion now? [Stylebubble.co.uk] Keep reading »

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